Bored stupid (as usual)

God dammit… I am bored out of my mind!!!!
You know… the kind of boredom that makes you want to do stupid stuff like peel your face off with an x-acto blade to see what’s underneath your skin? Or ask some random woman off the streets what it would take to get them to sleep with you (I mean really, like THEY’D have a clue what they want, or they’d ACTUALLY tell you…you know?).

Not that I would ever actually do these things. I figured if I say it with enough enthusiasm, someone may just be dumb to entertain me by trying it. 🙂

It’s usually at this point where I make my own fun.
Something Zeldman used to say on MetaFilter when all us problem adults whined about boredom… “don’t see anything you like on the net? Then MAKE it.”

I have a few ideas, but I want to make it a GROUP effort. Make it OUR thing.
Far away from the prying eyes of boring old grown ups…

Perhaps we can discuss it inside….

8 thoughts on “Bored stupid (as usual)

  1. Something I’ve been kicking around with a few close associates for a year or so has been a completely private and anonymous environment where some of the artists and writers are completely free to express their other side.

    Anyone interested in this, fill out my contact form (be anonymous if you wish) and I will direct you to where the discussion is from there.

  2. You’re bored. Rass…..I am sure that I could make a suggestion to solve that….but I’ll be decent and leave it to your wild imagination. Did somebody suggest orgasm??? 😉

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