Cat-fight (or W.W.N.D.)?

Oh man… this one is ugly, and involves a cat that sadly passed away.
No one in their right mind would comment or link to this particular debacle.

Fortunately for everyone, I don’t let silly things like “conventional sanity” and/or “common decency” get in the way of bringing you the very best and most entertaining flame wars on the web…

I’m like a vulture.
Only funnier. :0)Brawl of the Week

Cal (Gammerstang) -vs- Kimberly (Erratic Frog)

Yep… insiders *knew* this was coming…
The story was: Cal gave Kimberly a cat. Kimberly took care of it. The cat recently passed away.

The debate now lies in its cause of death, who’s negligent, and is there a private agenda going on to either get sympathy or trash someone.

Unnamed insiders tell of rumours that the cat was required to send postcards to Cal each week and Kimberly to follow up with progress reports. I’m not sure about how true that is but I will say this much… when someone gives me something, it’s MINE, end of story. I don’t get into those obligatory “I’m giving this [whatever] to you… btw, how are things with my [whatever]?” kind of deals. Nuh uh. -e- don’t play dat.

But I digress…
Cal posts a heartbreaking tale of giving Mommy Cat to “the wrong person.”

(Now I think that’s pretty damn cold! At this point I have no idea who this “wrong person” is… but I am sure pissed at this individual for killing an innocent cat. I mean, damn.)

Oh wait… Lo and behold, it’s Kimberly, who comes out of retirement from blogland to retort: “Hi. I am Kimberly A. Warzelhan and *I* adopted the (extremely feral and kept in a cage for months by Cal) Mommy cat.”

Well, fuck me tender! This brawl is now going into “she said/she said” mode.

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