Catching up

There’s a lot going on in my professional life right now. This is evidenced in my lack of activity here and on my friend’s sites. Politics is fun and all, but I’m only interested in it with the aspect of ridiculing it. My mind is made up, your mind is made up… and the only purpose we’re serving right now is to drive anyone FROM our sites in the years to come by trying to play “online pundit”. I am looking beyond November 2nd at this point… and hope many of you will be sticking around.

I have an art director’s position waiting for me in the near future. I just gotta hang in there, and continue being the “nobody” I am now. I have the blessings of my family to resign any time I’d like, but there are some exciting things going on, whether my contributions are recognized or not:

In the present I have the opportunity to work with top notch professionals that gave ABC News its presence on the web. The time for newspapers to acknowledge reality and embrace the future has come, and I want to be a part of that transition team. I also have the frustration of people with a small-town/RIAA-like mentality to struggle with on a daily basis. It’s taking a lot of my time… I have data, surveys and reports eating my brain.

Fortunately I am POWERED by negativity.

Enough about me… here’s what’s going on with my friends on the web:

  • The 3rd Annual Boobiethon is in its final 24 hours. As usual, a smashing success. Congratulations to its organizers for all their hard work, and a nod of recognition to all of the bloggers who have contributed pics to a wonderful cause and making a difference!
  • Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Zeldman on the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter on 9/28!
  • Octobuary is not only Breast Cancer awareness month (see “Boobiethon” above), but it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Say hello to my dear friend, Lois Heckman and Women’s Resources of Monroe County – Real men don’t abuse those they’ve vowed to love, honor, cherish and protect. Even if you don’t live in the Poconos, I would urge you to seek them out if you have been a victim of abuse, and definitely support them.
  • Witchy guest spots here in SoApBoX and describes the surrealistic experience of her department being laid off in My only friend.. The End.Not only is she a valued friend and contributes here, but is also working with the equally lovely and fellow Texan Deb Smouse, and will be adding some good stuff to All Things Girl soon… and WILL have a website of her own soon, I swear.
  • Gina writes about “Hardcore Activists” who say taking an ACD (Arraignment Considering Dismissal) for the protests during the RNC Convention makes you a “sellout”. Gina disagrees, and so do I. I no longer support a Child Protection Reform GROUP for that very same reason (though my view on CP$ remains the same.).It’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in. It’s commendable.
    It’s another to become a martyr when you don’t have to. It’s senseless and stupid. 

    Radicals are in every movement. And they destroy that movement faster than the people you’re advocating against. They also kill the credibility of your cause. (See PETA and Greenpeace for a few examples. While there are some decent and relatively sane people involved, their reputations have all been tarnished and overshadowed by the actions of their extremist element.)

  • Gina also links to pictures FROM inside Pier 57 at The Memory Hole.

More as I think of them…

One thought on “Catching up

  1. Radicals are in every movement. And they destroy that movement faster than the people you’re advocating against. They also kill the credibility of your cause.

    I totally agree…I tell it to people in the gay community all the time: If we are arguing and discriminating amongst ourselves, how are we ever going to be taken seriously…

    great examples by the way…now Greenpeace and PETA, while HAVING a good idea to start with, have, in my eyes, become jokes…even Earth First!’s founding father left the GROUP aafter it go too radical and divisive….

    I think that it’s be a “Fundie” in your own cause.

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