Closing Out the Year of the Phoenix with a BANG

2005: Year of the Phoenix

Wow. It’s over so soon?
I gotta say, despite the many, many MANY setbacks… it’s been a hell of a good year for me.
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Year of the Phoenix: Rebirth

Fire of PrometheusSpring is here, the Poconos is less flooded, and you can see the flowers and trees begin to bloom through the muddy water.

And so it’s time for a new look to go with my new attitude. A lot of phenomenal changes on the inside of me all winter long, and now it’s time to let it show.

As always, all my anger, rage and bitterness remains the driving force in my creativity.

Like the fire Prometheus gave to man, it can be used to create or consume everything in its path… it all depends on your mastery of it.
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2005: Year of the Phoenix

2005: Year of the Phoenix

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Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Voting (For more than just a President, you know)

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but this Friday (Oct 8th) Monday (Oct 4th) is the last day you can register to vote for the election in PA. Rules are also exceptionally tighter this year as things such as ID and proof of address may be required at the polls in November.

The good news is that the funding for those newfangled electronic voting machines (that neither side seems to trust) fell through here and I’ll have one of those old, reliable levers to yank.

I saw a comment recently where one voter is not even going to bother because they’re in a solid Red state. There may be someone out there that feels the same way because they’re in a solid Blue state.

To them I say, well that’s you’re choice, of course, but bear this in mind: There is a lot more on that ballot than just who’s running for President… one way or another your vote DEFINITELY counts there. Your local government will affect your life FAR MORE than who ends up in the White House.

  • You may leave a corrupt judge on the bench who you may eventually face
  • A state representative fighting for you may lose his seat
  • A proposition that may grant your local police or fire department funding for equipment that may save your life
  • The incumbent county supervisor will stay on to raise your property taxes through the roof (and of course, your uneducated ass will probably blame the President for it like he’s the end-all-be-all of government).
  • Me? I got a senator to vote out (yes for once I’m listening to Ann Coulter). Personally, I can’t get past him discouraging Clinton against trying to kill Osama bin Laden with missles back in 1998, claiming it was “merely a distraction FROM the Monica scandal”.

    And no, it’s not Rick Santorum… but trust me, when his turn comes, you can count on me to do the right thing. :0)

    Ghosts of the past, conflicts of the present

    There’s lots of new changes on the site whether you see it or not. For starters, the site is “skinned”. I’m in the process of making a back-end CMS (content management system) that controls my links, fonts, and now the guestbook.

    As you can see, I haven’t added the “Sign my book” function yet. And as you can tell FROM the most recent date… it’s been awhile. It’s almost painful to read some of the entries and remember what they were for.

    A lot of history here.

    No, I’m still off until March… and with a series of brand new redesigns. But a few things have come up…

    A ghost FROM the past has come back to haunt me in the form of a legal action next month that requires my undivided attention. The fact is, this case shouldn’t be. Of course, you know how the court system in PA works:

    1. Plaintiff open his mouth.
    2. Judge looks at defendant.
    3. Defendant has to prove their innocence.

    I’ve never seen such stupid horseshit in my life. I have to prove this dickhead has no case, rather than the judge asking what evidence the plaintiff has to justify wasting our time. Otherwise I have to deal with my stuff being auctioned again to pay whatever the judge awards this clown just for filling out three forms and showing up.

    Oh yeah, and he’s in a wheelchair too. Tell me how my odds are.

    I’m torn here…

    I’ve always been enamored by the concept of us all HAVING a sense of “community”. Aside FROM the typical things that communities do, like get together, have barbeques and block parties and good times…

    … there comes times when you have to take out the trash.

    Some people rise to the occasion, and some people don’t. I remember the outrage when we heard that a married adult blogger asked an underage girl to masturbate on her web cam, when another turned out to be a manipulative prick that hurt people and hid behind their charisma, when another led us to believe she had a daughter dying of cancer…

    The list goes on over the years. The offending parties end up being chased to the outskirts of town with torches and pitchforks… and we never hear FROM them again.

    In a strange, ironic twist… a post FROM a dear, sweet friend showed up in my referrals today to remind me that there are people that care… and there are people there for you when you need them.

    There’s more to it though. Lots more. You can ask anyone that gets involved… there’s a price to pay. You get the “Why don’t you mind your business?” email harassment. You make enemies for life. If you don’t get enough backup, you get the shit kicked out of you for all to see.

    Been there done that. More times than I care to remember.

    It’s a big-ass community now. The stakes get higher and higher.
    Do we start taking the “mind your business” route?
    Do we take it when we stand more to lose than gain?
    Do we do it even after we’ve been burnt so many times in the past?

    I don’t want to give out particulars just yet (it’s not political, ok?). I’m very interested in what you think.

    Is it worth it to get involved in the web community anymore?
    Is it time for some of us to hang up our badges as “Net Police”?
    You can even post anonymously and/or not leave an email.

    The Rat Bastard factor (redux)

    ** UPDATE: Dec 11th – UH OH! Mark got FARKED-UP! (Hat tip: Kathy K) **

    Or perhaps this should be aptly titled “How to wreck your career in one night”

    Remember my little rant “The Rat Bastard Factor“?
    Well, the tale gets better…

    Pazuhanich Charged With Indecent Assault
    “Charges have been filed against Monroe County District Attorney Mark Pazuhanich. Now police have issued a warrant for his arrest… Pazuhanich is now charged with four counts, including indecent assault, putting a child in danger and corruption of a minor. ”

    In laymen’s terms: He allegedly fondled his own daughter, and was seen by a security guard and a concerned mother, doing it at the Hilary Duff concert last Saturday in Wilkes Barre.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen… welcome to my world.
    Only in the Poconos can you get a District Attorney, who was best known for:
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    Other than that, how was the Hilary Duff concert?

    It states, quite clearly, in the Internet Superhero Code of Ethics & Conduct, section four, subsection 16D:

    “Members are strictly forbidden to mock, laugh, gloat, or otherwise partake in joyous behavior at the misery of a nemesis found in a twisted situation of extreme karmic proportions.”
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    Home Builder Scam forum tomorrow

    New Yorkers and New Jersey folks who were screwed by predatory lending in the Poconos may want to get their butts back up here tomorrow.

    Attorney General Mike Fisher announces a new lawsuit against yet another Pocono Builder yesterday.
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    Thank you cards….

    I try not to bear my soul online much anymore. It just seems when I’m revealing a little bit of humanity, it serves no other purpose but to hand ammunition to my enemies. But I really gotta share this one:

    Yesterday I took on the horrific task of cleaning out this desk.
    (Pause for dramatic “GASP”)
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    It’s all fun and games here

    I made the decision to pull any stories of my families ordeals out of my SoApBoX Section.

    The original purpose of it was to tell tales of hardship, endurance and ultimately victory. To give people who found themselves in a similar situation some hope, and possibly a solution…

    … the only problem is most people on the web are vindictive idiots.
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