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Another day of triumph and proudness today…
But you wont find it here. Because some things are more important than a web page, and a pack of idiots that can give me messages of bravado of what they would do in my situation…

To them I say: Fuck you.
Try *walking a block* in my moccasins, as I know your fat ass would never make the mile…

On this day in history…

“Some say I’ve lost my mind…
I simply think I’ve just become a very dangerous person.

I’m down… but I sure as hell ain’t out. ”
– gOdOfMiScHiEf, Saturday, November 03, 2001 3:30 PM –

On a tiny little page on Blogspot (then Geocities, then Surreally), those cryptic words launched Enemy of the State one year ago today…

Enemy of the State

Words of a broken man who lost all hope, on the edge, and had to get online and vent before he went insane.

Whatever happened to that guy, anyway? I heard he died of “excessive whining”… is that possible?

Is it time for another friggin update??!!?

You know… I’m one of those guys, that if he has nothing to say, he doesn’t post.

But given my wild lifestyle and track history, that gives a lot of CyberPals cause to panic… so here’s what’s on my plate:

  • My digital empire is coming back with a vengeance – If you knew where to look right now, you can have access to over 3,000 True Type Fonts. The database test has been tested tonight, and it’s gonna rock.
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  • Write, e, WRITE!!!!

    Ok… let’s think of something profound here…


    I heard the cutest thing the other day by my…
    wait. court orders, can’t write about it. scratch that…

    Uhm… today, I was playing with Visual Basic and I discovered you can convert…
    Too boring. Who cares.

    Making some great money, helping my …
    Wait. That’ll piss her off. She doesn’t want to be mentioned on the web just yet.

    I started working on the new designs for a…
    top secret. can’t talk about it. damn.

    I want to write about something that will captivate everyone… Something that will make you laugh, cry, think, talk about it, change your life.

    Uhm… yeah.
    And I will… you’ll see.


    Power and Stupidity…

    Yes… it is 4:45, and I’m about to go to sleep. (again)

    I redid the door and window for poser, and I’ll send them out to everyone who asked tomorrow (or the next day, or…).

    It was brought to my attention what I have known all along:
    I am a moron.

    See the “Subscribe for updates” box on the right? I was getting a complex because no one has signed up recently… fact is the damn thing hasn’t been working since the jump to

    It works know…
    If you signed up before, and haven’t had an update mailed to you in months… well, I lost your address during the move.

    Why? Like I said, I’m a moron.

    Well, no major news here… well it is major to me.
    I registered to vote on the day of the deadline.

    It will work like this… if you are an incumbent. I vote you out.
    Simple as that.
    I suddenly feel some sense of empowerment here. :0)

    I think everyone who thinks that it all sucks, should just vote ’em all out and let fresh blood take over… I mean, how much worse can it get? Especially all of the local ones… *THEY’RE* the ones who effect your daily life more than a president or senator.

    I know what you’re thinking… “e, that’s horrible…. putting people out of work like that, because you’re disenchanted with society????”

    Folks… they’re not “people” okay? They’re politicians. It’s all showbiz. They’ll rape their own mothers and put it on videotape if it means getting your votes. They’re the lowest species on earth. Just below slugs, algae, and casting directors.

    Do yourself a favor and boot them all out.
    I’m looking forward to having an ex-judge ask me:
    “Would you like fries with that, sir?”

    hee hee!

    Ugh… it’s that *month* again.

    The unimaginable happens to me and those close to me every October. This is the month where the “worst case scenario” is almost a guarantee. Here in Anarchtica, it is to the benefit of all elected officials that statistics are in the extremes…

    If you are in front of a judge this month, you are guaranteed to be incarcerated for even the tiniest of infractions. Prisons are filled to the brim this month, as judges, district attorneys, and anyone else up for re-election can boast of their “high conviction rates”, “low crime”, and how they’ve “taken criminals off the streets”.

    You are nothing more than a sacrificial lamb for their statistics. You’re not quite innocent, but you are *definitely* not the hardened criminal they make you out to be. You are run through the system as “just a number”…

    …and your family can’t do a damn thing about it.

    Come November, the incumbents will win in a landslide…
    Why? Because those living a trouble-free life will buy into this PR bullshit.

    The recipients of this heavy-handed justice aren’t allowed near a voting booth for at least 60 days. Their family’s spirits are too broken to even consider voting these jokers out of office, though they should anyway.

    Their voices will never be heard and their stories will never be told.
    It’s a win-win situation for the truly corrupt.
    It’s set up that way.

    Not to worry. All is fine in my world…
    At least that I know of. There’s nothing pending for any of us.

    It was finished in my war last year, where losing meant “losing everything”. Victory over that war came at an unimaginable price to so many people around me.

    Like I said, this is the month where the “inconceivable” happens.

    There are still the bad guys, and old scores to settle. New plots of retaliation. I sit quietly in the darkness, with my glistening blade, and wait for them to come.

    Welcome to my dark and scary world.

    I approach October with baited breath, apprehension, and all the bitterness of days gone past.

    I hate October.
    But bring it on anyway.

    Parenting for dummies…

    We interrupt our latest obsession with macro codes and visual basic programming to bring the following tip for people who have no business reproducing….

    “Milton, Fla., police Detective Mike Daughtery told the Associated Press the dying boy said Hoffman and his mother kept him mostly in one room, beat him every day, only fed him scraps and didn’t let him out of the house to go to school or see friends…”

    When you feed your child, love them and care for them…. they live.

    When you starve them for five months, beat them repeatedly and ship them on a bus across the country, where strangers take them in, as they’re described as “looking like a holocaust victim”… well, they tend to die.

    Any questions?

    A little local news to bring some pride to my adopted Police Statehometown.
    *sigh* :0(

    Message from Astaroth, Supreme Ruler of Anarchtica

    Your absolute ruler, Astaroth...FEAR HIM!!!

    (Transmitted from the near future – 2068 AD)

    My loyal subjects…
    From this day forth, you are hereby ORDERED to ignore the dangerous rantings of the one known as Ezrael. He has been deemed a threat to our society, and his words dare to challenge our way of life here in our dark realm.

    Surely you remember him as the mortal prophet known as Matt Rossi. Six decades ago, he had written a rant entitled: America, you will be rounded up and shot. You wisely ignored his words back then.

    Your broken and terrified people gladly surrendered your useless freedoms in exchange for a government given carte blanche to overrun the world as they saw fit. They played on your fears and issued the false promise that you would one day have those so-called “freedoms” back…

    That is the time I, and my hellish demonic army of trolls, began to plan our conquering of your world…

    World War Three, and the devastation that followed, was a great source of amusement to us. You thought you knew suffering then… you knew nothing!!! We threw your entire world in chains after that… and now you finally know happiness.

    Because we have told you it is so.

    What good has ever come out of liberty anyway? Various global changes like your American Revolution? The end of Apartheid in South Africa? The end of a divided Germany where an attempt to cross a wall meant death at the hands of your captors? What manner of foolishness is this anyway? You gave it all up when you surrendered to your fears. Now you are safely wrapped in my iron fist… where none dare to challenge me.

    You brought this on to yourselves, foolish mortals…
    Ignore the foolish rantings of the false prophet Ezrael
    Our plans have already been set to motion…

    There is no hope.
    There is no future.
    There is only the glory of Anarchtica.

    Your Supreme Ruler.
    A S T A R O T H

    Carry the 7, stoopid!

    I was working out a complex formula.
    Due to a mathematical error, the results proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I don’t exist.

    I suck at math.

    On a personal note, a certain unnamed caseworker has a broken leg due to a freak accident.
    “Curse of the Warlock” strikes again.

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