Ah memories!

I am referring to the good old old days where the Associated Press was going after Tom Fulp of Newgrounds.com and Sean Bonner who created the parody of the Budweiser 'WASSAP' video with pictures of Elian Whatzisname being “rescued” by Janet Reno’s Stormtroopers.

How to *NOT* be Wrong in an Internet Fight (and other goodies)

I’ll be moving a lot of my blogs from MySpace over to my site shortly. Personally I think I need to spend more time here and re-establish my rapport with a lot of bloggers out in the blogoshere again (helloooo is anyone still out there? *echo*).

Why I’ll probably never work for another candidate or take advertisers.

Simply put, I'm a snarky, sarcastic, jaded bastard. I value my All-American rights to free speech and voicing my opinions… regardless o…

Get a thicker skin, or get the HELL outta Dodge City!

I’m not going to waste my bandwidth (or your time) linking to Pocono Crybaby’s recent rant about us outlaws in the wild west and how some joke of a legistlation in New Jersey is going to curb all anonymous postings and blogging and protect people supposedly being slandered and defamed…

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