It must be summertime…

It must be the warm weather which wakes the neanderthals out of hibernation, as they come dragging their knuckles out of their caves and in our faces.

Yeah, I’m referring to Kat’s tormentor. That asshole, TGO. (I think it either stands for “Totally Gutless One” or “The Gay Orifice”, who knows.)

Nothing spells “pathetic loser” like a guy that has to fabricate his own hate mail, or have a forum where he starts topic after topic that no one bothers to read, much less give a shit about. He claims to have this army of fans. I believe if there were such people retarded enough to adore this mental midget, they’d all be illiterate, and stumbling on big words like “the” or “dog”.

I feel for ya, TGO. Adoring fans with a second grade reading level make for a shitty fan base on the web. (If I’m losing you here, I CAN type slower.) Personally, I think if you don’t count your right hand, your so-called “army of fans” would total to exactly ZERO. Yeah, I got you pegged, asshat.

I think we should kick off the summer festivities by declaring open season on this asshole for torturing a woman who’s already in a great deal of pain.

Sure it’s like shooting fish duct-taped to the wall at point-blank range, but I have nothing better to do. And I really need his three hits a day, and all the anonymous posts this lamer is going to try and pull. Though I really doubt Turd Grabbing Oddball has the balls to take on an able-bodied man, that will probably put a size-11 foot up his ass if I’m ever down his way on business.

He calls it “Freedom of Speech”, where I come FROM it’s called “Harrassment and Menacing”.

He’s a funny guy.
But looks aren’t everything.

Beyond the scope of words

I’ve been a bit reflective today.

I’ve been doing this page since April of 1998. There was no Blogger. In fact, there were no blogs. There were journals, and “what’s new” pages HAVING to adapt or die like a dinosaur. I’ve seen people come, I’ve seen them go.

I’ve seen people learn the hard way that “freedom of speech” comes with a price. I’ve seen people complain of the “popular crowd”. I’ve seen the elite and the most despicable fall, and fall hard. I’ve seen people shattered to find that a sick person never existed. I’ve seen those stay silent about their maladies and/or tragedies. I’ve seen knee-jerk posts which the writer wishes they had never written. I’ve seen the unbelievably judgemental who can’t place themselves in someone else’s position. Employers and judges have read some people’s most innermost thoughts in public. Blind hatred. Mob mentality. Ignorance. People fired. People divorced. People alienated. People banned. People sued. People whose very lives have been destroyed.
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Memes and morons

Say it with me, people: It was a stupid stuffed bunny, and nobody cares any more.

This is a classic case of at least three sides of a story. There’s person #1 who started a meme, person #2 who is now convinced that they are this horrible person that everyone is mad at…

And there’s my side of the story. Which, as always, is known as the “gospel truth”.

While, yes, it seems at face value that there’s no excuse for person #2 to still be holding on to a passing meme… and the selfish morons are bitching to person #1 about it.

Well, I happen to know that person #2’s life happens to be in shambles right now (it’s not my story to tell, but it’s pretty bad). Perhaps mailing this retarded stuffed animal isn’t top priority in their mind right now. Ya think?

Of course, you can count on the web to be totally devoid of compassion, or sympathy, or even cutting someone a little slack.
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I’m not blogging about you. Really.

“…hopelessly in love with Eric (though goodness knows why, I mean, been there, done that, and well, let’s just call it performance anxiety shall we). ”
-Faith –

Hah hahahahaha!!!! Oh man I feel sorry for that poor g…


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Not really a divorce, more like a separation

A lot of wonderful people have written me about the last post, and I thank you all.

I’ve made a decision to distance myself FROM the community.

I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you. Your links are simply being moved to a new section, away FROM anyone that can hurt my friends because of something I may say. And you certainly don’t need the pressure of “what is *that guy* doing here?” in your comments.
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You can’t quit… you’re fired!

I was brought to mind a funny little story about me a few years back.

I worked for a bank in Manhattan. Part of my job was hopping across town on a train and picking up a suitcase full of cancelled checks. To make a long story short I found myself once getting off the train…

… and forgetting to take the suitcase with me. Half a million dollars worth of returned checks on its way to the Bronx. Buh-bye.
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Bored Stupid

Man… if I had one of those “I’m feeling…” buttons on my site, it would probably say “cheap & used” right now.

How are you supposed to feel when you make amends with someone, you write nice stuff about them, they write nice stuff about you (well, more like USE YOU as a cheap tool to keep people FROM dropping out their project like flies in a mass exodus…) have these hundreds of people come here overnight to read my post…

….and then they read the next one, which looks like a “pig party”, and makes them look like a REAL asshole?

Eric Brooks, as played by Judd NelsonWould YOU remove all that nice stuff that you wrote about ME, and declare it a “useless rant”?????

*sigh* THE TRUTH: It’s not for everyone, y’know.

Yes… ignore me now. I’ll go away.
*SNORT* Oh Yeah, like *THAT’S* ever worked before!
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So, how about them Yankees?

You’re not expecting me to talk about the shit hitting the fan tonight, are you?
Hey, I just made my peace. And I gave my word I was staying out of it.

On second thought… FUCK IT! I’m hearing a lot of lies and PR damage-control at Blogshares, and I’m sick of it.
Here is a copy of the page where my friends and I are CRUCIFIED at Blogshares. (I suspected my comment was going to be deleted, so I saved the page.) Maria was run off the web, because of me. She defended a friend, and he sicced trolls on all of us.

Sayed has no control over over the trolls??? BULLSHIT!
He has my name in big-ass letters, my URL on it and singles out every one commenting on my site as “nazis” and “doting supporters”. One of them was Maria, who didn’t agree with my remark, but said my frustration with the game “echoed her sentiment too”.

The very first response was one of his asshole friends suggesting “Perhaps blogs that link to him should suffer horrendous losses too.”

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Web Skirmishes 101

Yoo hoo… can we talk?

On a serious tip. No more wisecracks on the subject. I have to realize that I play to a more global crowd. Not everyone thinks I’m funny. In the world’s defense, a lot of Americans think I’m a mean-sprited asshole too.

What started this was a remark I passed in my comments. It was a “racial/ethnic” slur directed at Mr. Razavi. No semantics, no excuses… WHAT I SAID WAS WRONG. Simple as that.

I am very sorry for hurting you, Sayed. And I mean it. I am very sorry for anyone who was offended by the remark, too. It was crude and insensitive.

What followed after that was a chain reaction of disasters on both sides. Events that we have *BOTH* admitted publicly we could have handled better. Exacerbated by caring friends on both sides who wanted to defend us.

We both lost our cool. While we can’t erase the past… we can only move forward INTO the future.

As I planned to resurrect this site over the summer, I VOWED that this kind of stuff was not going to happen anymore.
I wanted to come back and be a POSITIVE force in the community. At a time where people are being polarized and torn apart over a war that affected the entire planet… I wanted to help bring the web community back together, torn apart FROM all the debate and harsh words, and I wanted to work with the same people with the same mindset.
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