[#Design] #Free Lynda.com Video: Learn T-Shirt Printing and Design

From CreativePro.comFree Lynda.com Video: Learn T-Shirt Printing and Design:

Free Lynda.com Video: Learn T-Shirt Printing and DesignIt’s time for another great free video from Lynda.com! This time it’s Sebastian Bleak’s new course, Learn T-Shirt Printing and Design. I love this topic because as a child of the 70s and 80s, I would proudly sport the iron t-shirt designs of my favorite bands, movies, and shows. Later, as a dad, I enjoyed making custom t-shirts for my kids of their favorite things.   Here’s the official course description: There’s more to successfully designing and producing a t-shirt than you might think. This course spells it all out, from design through production. Sebastian Bleak explains which kinds of materials – cotton or blends – do best with particular types of designs, and covers various printing methods, design considerations, production challenges, and – of course – budgets and how to get the most out of your design. By walking through potential pitfalls and providing you with the knowledge you need to make smart creative and logistical decisions, he helps ensure that you’ll have a better chance of getting your t-shirt design right the first time. Topics include: Choosing materials to print on Vectors vs. pixels Choosing a printing method Online t-shirt printing options Designing the shirt Production challenges Location and size of design How your budget affects your…

[#Design] Free Lynda.com Course – Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps

From CreativePro.comFree Lynda.com Course ? Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps:

Free Lynda.com Course ? Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps It’s time for another great free video from Lynda.com! Actually, this time it’s a whole free course: Kirstin Ellison’s Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps. That’s right, the whole course is free for everyone. Below are four videos from the first chapter. Here’s the official course description: If you’ve spent hours filling notebooks with sketches, and find joy in the creation of beautiful images, then you’ve probably wondered if you could turn your passion for art into a full-time job. In this course, learn the skills and tools you’ll need to pursue a career in art and illustration, and the jobs that you can get with them. Kristin Ellison – the content manager of art and illustration at LinkedIn Learning – kicks off the course by walking through the core elements of the creative process: drawing, composition, and color. Next, she highlights the specific skills and software you’ll need to successfully launch a career in 2D illustration, 3D illustration, and fine art. To wrap up, Kristin covers the business of art and illustration, sharing how to promote, present, and get paid for your work. Throughout the course, Kristin mentions additional courses you can reference to get an in-depth look at specific tools and skills…

[#Design] Free Lynda.com Video – Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks

From CreativePro.comFree Lynda.com Video ? Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks:

Free Lynda.com Video ? Logo Design: Illustrating Logo MarksProfessional logo design, like many creative endeavors, requires both great imagination and execution. You need both the right idea and the chops to pull it off with vectors. Von Glitschka’s Lynda.com course, Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks, covers the process of logo building from start to finish. Here’s the official course description: This logo design course is all about craftsmanship of the artwork, the minutia of building logo marks. It’s focused on what goes into the execution of a good logo?because it won’t matter what the idea is if you design it poorly. Von Glitschka explains how drawing complements the brainstorming and design process, introduces time-tested build methods for vector-based graphics, and explains how to make the critical decisions around format, color, and other aspects of brand identity. These creative tactics and workflows will help you create better, stronger workflows that display beautifully in all formats: in print, on the web, or in motion. Topics include: Drawing your design Selecting a logo style Building a logo with shapes Creating modular designs Establishing brand colors and visual continuity Iconifying complex shapes Adding dimension to flat motifs Using negative space Delivering the final logo files and style guides…

[#Design] Free Lynda.com Video: Photoshop for Designers – Color

From CreativePro.comFree Lynda.com Video: Photoshop for Designers – Color:

Free Lynda.com Video: Photoshop for Designers - Color
Color is a fundamental aspect of nearly all design work. And if you’re working in Photoshop, all the tools and options for working with color can be a little overwhelming. If you need some help to master working with color in Photoshop, peruse the Lynda.com course by Nigel French, Photoshop for Designers: Color. Here’s the official course description: In this installment of Photoshop for Designers, Nigel French shows you how to correct, manage, edit, and change color. The course looks at concepts such as the color wheel and color harmonies as well as the practicalities of using the Color Picker, leveraging the power of color channels, and the characteristics of different color modes in Photoshop. The course includes instruction on correcting color, enhancing color, shifting and replacing colors, working with spot color, and more. Topics include: The color wheel and color relationships Managing color swatches Transparency and color channels Working with the Color Picker Additive and subtractive color Working with color modes Performing color correction Saturation and desaturation Designing with spot color Using adjustments: levels, curves, and white balance Using auto color adjustments Matching color In the free movie below, Nigel shows how the color wheel works and…

Free Lynda.com Video: #Adobe Portfolio First Look

From Graphics – CreativePro.comFree Lynda.com Video: Adobe Portfolio First Look:

Free Lynda.com Video: Adobe Portfolio First Look

Earlier this year, Conrad Chavez wrote a pair of articles on how to get started using Adobe Portfolio, the Creative Cloud service that lets members showcase their best best photography, design, video, and other creative work. Now, there’s a new Lynda.com course by Justin Seeley to help you get the most out of this service: Adobe Portfolio First Look. Here’s the official description: Adobe Portfolio comes free with any Creative Cloud subscription and enables designers to quickly and simply build a website to showcase their creative work. No coding knowledge required! In this course, Justin Seeley provides an overview of the functionality of Adobe Portfolio, and shows how to customize your new Portfolio website so it works best for your style and clientele. Learn how to use different templates, add images, create a custom domain, and publish your site in just a few easy steps…

Free Retro Fonts Available for Download

From Queness FeedFree Retro Fonts Available for Download:

Free Retro Fonts Available for DownloadSometimes overlooked, but in truth one of the most important elements of web design is the typography style employed. The right choice can change the so-so into an attractive and elegant work of art. Far from being outdated or unattractive, retro typography has become one of the most recent and popular design trends.

[Tutorial] Forty Four, a great WordPress 404 Plugin

From iBenic Forty Four, a great WordPress 404 Plugin:

Forty Four, a great WordPress 404 PluginWhat is a 404? 404 is the response status that your website sends to the client (visitor?s browser) when the visitor gets on a page that does not exist. WordPress does that pretty well and a theme can customize that page as needed. But what about getting a very fast 404 page and also to manage all those 404 urls? Meet, Forty Four, a great plugin to manage your WordPress 404 pages.

Freebie: Responsive Landing Page Template With Flexbox

From TutorialzineFreebie: Responsive Landing Page Template With Flexbox:

Freebie: Responsive Landing Page Template With Flexbox A lightweight, no-framework HTML and CSS template that will help you set up a beautiful homepage for your website in no time.

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