[#Graphics #Tutorial] Create "Resurrection" Surreal Photo Manipulation in #Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the process of creating this "Resurrection" surreal photo manipulation in Photoshop. The photo m…

[#Photoshop #Tutorial ] VIP Exclusive Landscape Matte Painting

This tutorial shows how to create a beautiful and realistic foggy matte painting landscape in two versions of toning. Download tutorial now at PSD Vault VIP area.

[#Design] CreativePro Tip: Viewing Illustrator Artwork as Outlines

If you’ve used Adobe illustrator for any amount of time, you know that you can view artwork in either Preview mode (where you see all strokes…

[#Design] CreativePro Tip of the Week: Using the Navigator panel in #Photoshop

If you regularly work on high-res images in Photoshop and you’re not already using the Navigator panel, you’re missing out on a slick way of seeing both a close-up and a bird’s eye view of an image at the same time.

[Graphics Tutorial] Creating a Beautiful, Watery Photo Manipulation With Photoshop

Few things are more beautiful than water in motion. We'll create a rocky, watery photo manipulation using Photoshop in this tutorial. Join us!

[Tutorial] Handle Mouse And Touch Input With The Pointer Events API

In this quick tutorial we present you the Pointer Events interface – a new JavaScript API that improves the way we handle touch and stylus input on the web.

[Design] Free Lynda.com Video: Creating Infographics with Illustrator

I try to tell my kids what it was like back in the day before the answers to every question were just a click or tap away. To get information on an obscure topic you’d actually have to get in the car, go to the library…

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