[Design] Level Up Your CSS Skills With These 20 Pro #CSS Tips

Front-end development is quickly becoming more and more focused on efficiency – faster loading and rendering through selector choice and minimizing code. Pre-processors like Less and SCSS go a long way in doing some of the work for us, but there are plenty of ways to write minimal, quick CSS the native way. This guide […]

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[#Design] Master #CSS Flexbox in 5 Simple Steps

CSS flexbox is an incredibly useful tool for layout without using floats or positioning. Currently almost all current browser version support flexbox, making it a go-to standard for web design. It can solve a number of problems efficiently, such as vertical alignment, space distribution, ordering of elements and sizing. It offers more freedom to arrange […]

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[#Design] Duo Layout With #CSS3 Animations & Transitions (Pt. 2)

Last week I demonstrated how to build a split-screen website layout using CSS flexbox and viewport units that offers an alternative way to present a brand’s featured content. Clicking on one side or the other navigates further into the site without a page load, using CSS transitions and 3d transforms. This week, I’ll show you […]

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[Tutorial] Essay Writing Tutorial: Choosing the Best One

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12 Awesome Animations You Think HTML5 Can Not Do

In August 9, Google posted a post regarding Flash and Chrome. Adobe Flash Player has played a vital role in bringing rich media content such as video and audio, gaming experience and animation on the web. It makes gaming possible on web browsers, and even bring casino such as allslotscasino.com to online platform. However, Flash has its limitations, such as its lack of support in mobile, battery hungry processing needs and so on, it’s slowly phase out by major web players such as Google, Apple and Mozilla.

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