[Censorship] Extreme Internet Censorship – ‘Green Dam of China’ Declares Johnny Depp Obscene (GALLERY)

From TrendHunter.com – Cool Websites and Internet CultureExtreme Internet Censorship – “Green Dam of China” Declares Johnny Depp Obscene (GALLERY):

(TrendHunter.com) China has decided that Johnny Depp is apparently ‘obscene’ material alongside Paris Hilton and Garfield. A new program called Green Dam of China is to be downloaded automatically on to all new PCs after…

Eric’s Guide to the 2008 Presidential Election

Sarah PalinSince McCain and Obama refuse to pay me to be a political pundit, I tell YOU who I think you should vote for. (Yeah it’s satire)

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Dirty Tricks are starting – BEWARE!

On Hillary Clinton’s MySpace Blog, it’s reported that there’s bullying on the phone from Obama’s camp when the caller tells them they support Hillary.

Similar thing from John Edwards’ camp. They accuse the Hillary supporter “of having split ends and should consider a hot oil treatment every once in a while” before hanging up.

Normally I’d denounce this stuff, but it’s my FAVORITE part of campaigns. 😀

It’s a jungle out there. Watch it.

And the 9/11 conspiracy nuts continue…

I said it, Maddox said it, and Bill Maher said it. THERE IS NO 9/11 CONSPIRACY! Together, we know everything. What more do you want?

New Rule: Crazy people who still think the Government brought down the Twin Towers in a controlled explosion have to stop pretending that *I’M* the one who’s being naive. How big a lunatic do you have to be to watch 2 giant airliners, packed with jet fuel, slam into buildings on live TV, igniting a massive inferno with burned for 2 hours… and then think: ‘Well, if you believe *THAT* was the cause…’.”“Stop asking me to raise this ridiculous topic on the show and start asking your doctor if Paxil is right for you…”

Bill Maher, 9/14

Now despite the fact that Popular Mechanics debunked ALL of the 9/11 myths, someone took the movie “Loose Change” apart line by line, and a PLETHORA of sources on the JREF forum (who ridiculed every nut that came their way)… THE CRAZIES STILL CLING TO THE CONSPIRACIES!

Bill Maher is forced to eject so-called “911 Truthers” out of his audience. (YouTube video).

Watch these arrogant”Loose Change” kids as they are confronted with facts by the editors of Popular Mechanics.

In “Loose Change” they encourage people to do research and share their findings, HOWEVER… if your conclusions are different from theirs, you’re called a “LIAR” in a childish temper tantrum, and will find yourself banned on their forums.

And people still listen to these assholes? Do people have such a “MAD-ON” for Bush that they’ll just about accept anything they hear?

OK, let’s just say for the sake of argument this WAS a massive government conspiracy involving hundreds (maybe thousands) of people:

  1. A blowjob in the Oval Office didn’t stay a secret for long… and that was just TWO people.
  2. With all of the ex-Bush administration people resigning and writing “Tell-All” books, don’t you think a chapter called “How we pulled off 9/11 (Ha! Ha!)” would make theirs the biggest seller of all?
  3. If the U.S. government has no problem killing off 3,000 of its citizens in one day, then why the hell are these “911 Truther” nutjobs still around???
  4. OK conspiracy theorists, riddle me this…
    If this was an inside job by the Bush Administration… wouldn’t it have made more sense to frame Saddam Hussein and Iraq from the word “go”?

Osama makes the Dems cry

Osama says the Dems are wussies. No kidding!So what happens when the most hated man in America shows up for his usual “Happy Anniversary/I got you good!,” videos and spews his usual garbage?

You do the exact opposite of what he says, right?

OK, well what if the crafty douche bag KNOWS this and uses reverse psychology in his messages?

Continue reading “Osama makes the Dems cry”

Smart Street fighting on the Internet

Anyone can be a tough-talking internet badass. Making threats and intimidating people in blog comments and message boards. You see it all the time with the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. All you need is a big mouth, a screenname and some anonymous surfing program. Taking a stand while hiding behind a BIG wall of anonymity?

Big deal… You’re a WUSS!

Now when you put your REAL NAME out there. Your reputation and business on the line? That’s balls!

The big news this week was the thousands of people revolting on Digg over posts regarding the DVD HD encryption code being posted as they removed it and banned the members.

Then, Digg founder Kevin Rose surprised everyone by blogging about it and posting the encryption code!

It’s not about the encryption code anymore. It’s become a symbolic fight against censorship and those companies and corporate bullies we love to hate…

…but with a catch, do you support piracy?

It’s a false dilemma. Choosing the lesser of two evils when you have a 3rd hidden option.

I support people trying to protect their intellectual property. I also oppose some of the ridiculous laws and corporate bullying going on by the AACS, RIAA, MPAA and any other DRM group. A lot more than I oppose piracy, but not enough to condone one evil over another.

So I present you another false dilemma:
You’re in a street fight. You opponent is way bigger than you. What do you do?

a) Don’t back down and get your ass kicked.
b) Run away and look like a wuss in front of everyone.

BZZT! BOTH WRONG! The answer is….
c) You hire an even BIGGER MOTHERFUCKER to take down your opponent.
(Do I have to do ALL the thinking for you?)

The Tiki Lounge has a great discussion about it, as well as Problem Adults. If you support Digg and Kevin Rose and the stand they’re taking, rather than stand there chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight!”, you can help him by keeping this issue in the spotlight and by supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

They’re bigger. They’re badder and they take on these kinds of censorship cases all the time. Join the EFF and give till it hurts.

Join the EFF! Support Blogger's Rights

Peace and quiet

I’m taking the last 48 hours of peace and quiet and no weird screennames and harassment that all parties involved are agreeing with my “Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone” proposition, right?

No one is bashing anyone here on Problem Adults, all past feuds are considered past history, and we wish no one any ill will. Therefore we see no reason to continue being harassed. We just want to be left alone to do our thing. In keeping my word, I’m taking down my pages regarding a certain pest and whatever evidence I’ve compiled against him so far.

Now…. onward and forward, gang!

Why I’ll probably never work for another candidate or take advertisers.

Simply put, I’m a snarky, sarcastic, jaded bastard.

I value my All-American rights to free speech and voicing my opinions… regardless of who I piss off. (Don’t get me wrong, I realize I am a reflection of my employers to a certain degree, so I *DO* exercise a certain level of responsibility and accountability in all I do and say). But I despise having to self-censor myself.

Oh and did I forget to mention that I helped make websites and strategies for two campaigns? One Republican and one Democrat. Both were facing major hurdles as underdogs but in the end, they won in landslides.

Yes, this is why some of us colorful web personalities are hired by candidates. Though we have a ton of skeletons in our archives, we’re incindiary, controversial, riveting and damned good at what we do in commanding attention.

Which brings us to the “Brawl of the Week” (hat tip to Wulfgar).

John Edwards, Amanda Marcotte & Melissa McEwan -vs- Michelle Malkin, William Donohue & The Fighting 101st Keyboarders

The Plot: Right Wingers dig up dirt from the archives of Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister and demand Edwards fire his bloggers for their content.

The Review: Manufactured outrage by people with skeletons in their own closets who would never vote for Edwards anyway… so why even listen to them? Continue reading “Why I’ll probably never work for another candidate or take advertisers.”

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