Justice: Internet Style

If you’re not familiar with LoLo, he’s probably one of the best scambusters there is. His posts exposing the fake girl profiles on MySpace or the Truth about the Adult Dating Websites should be required reading for idiots that really think some 21 year old blonde hottie wants them (and their credit card) bad…. (*snicker*)

In October (sorry, I’m slow here.) he helps expose and bust a child predator on MySpace….

Now this is prime humiliation. Justice at its finest… and a lesson to parents everywhere. I love LoLo’s style! 😀

Parents… watch your kids online, or guys like Chip will do it for you.

Eric Brooks for President – 2008

Fed up with “professional politicians”, their empty promises and their failed policies?

So am I.

Watch this space as I make my pitch to become the next President of the United States.
(I mean I can’t make things worse, right?)

John Kerry blows it (again) Republicans WIN!

Nah. Not really.

It just proves Kerry still sucks at cracking jokes.
Well, Kerry just plain sucks if you want me to be more specific.

What was supposed to be a crack at the “Commander-in-Chimp” (who has an entire WEBSITE dedicated to his verbal misfirings)… well FrankenKerry fucked the whole delivery of the joke up. What do you expect from a guy who blew 2004? Move on Democrats.

Jon Stewart is relieved to know his job is still safe. 😀

See? Soldurs R not dum! They got a good edyacashen!
As reported in this morning’s NY Post, the National Guard in Minnesota shows us
the troops have a great sense of humor… God Bless ’em. HAW! HAW!!! 😀

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Disinformation :: Beyond Belief! – Religious Ramblings

Beyond Belief! – Religious Ramblings

One of the best essays I have ever read. A Pagan named Father Crow breaks down religious belief and human nature. It boils down to Aristotle and his theory of dualism… either something is, or it isn’t.
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Book of the day- Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

I picked up a book that caught my eye on the way to my “Home away from home”. Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.
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Keep it Brief, stoopid!

In the world of web design and advertising, there is the rule of “KISS” (“Keep It Simple, Stupid!”).
This basically means that your HTML masterpiece isn’t worth a crap if your readers don’t bother to wait for it to load, or your magazine spread loses its message when you clutter it to show off your Photoshop and Quark prowess.

I got the following comment from a Comment Spammer, which I found invaluable.

“When you wish to instruct, be brief; that men?s minds take in quickly what you say, learn its lesson, and retain it faithfully. Every word that is unnecessary only pours over the side of a brimming mind. “

It’s so true.
Why do you think the simplicity of the Bush campaign beat out the long-winded Kerry?
Why does Instapundit is so popular over so many other blogs?
Why do major companies pay a fortune for a 30-second commercial when they can make a half hour infomercial on late night tv?

Not every one is an intellectual with a long attention span. In fact I’d say very few are.
If you want to reach out to the masses…. Keep It Brief, Stupid!

Wanted: A two party system

Dear Democratic Party:

OMG, you friggin’ people suck.
I came across this revelation as I walked Stroudsburg on my lunch hour, and I tripped over a wino.

You know what? I was convinced even HE could have beaten Bush in this election.

Americans all agree that Dubya is the kind of guy you’d want to have a beer with.
Well, guess what? My wino friend is already there, man!

Come up with all the conspiracy theories you want (Jewish touch screen voting machines by gay Halliburton martians, whatever…) Look, Bush won the election. He was winning Ohio when I went to bed at 3AM.

Now you are going to rack your brains out for the next four years going “where did we go wrong?”

Fact is, you fucking people don’t listen. You make the same mistakes over and over. You did it in 2000, you did it in 1988… you’re gonna do it again in 2008.

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Indecision ’04 – May the lesser evil win!

Erika: “Daddy said we’re only voting for people with a “K” in their names. ‘Kerry’, ‘Kelly’….”
Ashley: “What does the ‘W’ stand for, daddy.”
Me: “Uhhhh… ‘Walcer’, with a ‘C’… shut up!” 😉

I was on line for a good 2 1/2 hours to vote.

I took my 11 year old, Erika in the booth with me. (Big Kelly Lewis fan, doncha know…).

You know what… I did my duty. I’m done.
I am so “Electioned out“, it ain’t funny.
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Catching up

There’s a lot going on in my professional life right now. This is evidenced in my lack of activity here and on my friend’s sites. Politics is fun and all, but I’m only interested in it with the aspect of ridiculing it. My mind is made up, your mind is made up… and the only purpose we’re serving right now is to drive anyone FROM our sites in the years to come by trying to play “online pundit”. I am looking beyond November 2nd at this point… and hope many of you will be sticking around.

I have an art director’s position waiting for me in the near future. I just gotta hang in there, and continue being the “nobody” I am now. I have the blessings of my family to resign any time I’d like, but there are some exciting things going on, whether my contributions are recognized or not:

In the present I have the opportunity to work with top notch professionals that gave ABC News its presence on the web. The time for newspapers to acknowledge reality and embrace the future has come, and I want to be a part of that transition team. I also have the frustration of people with a small-town/RIAA-like mentality to struggle with on a daily basis. It’s taking a lot of my time… I have data, surveys and reports eating my brain.

Fortunately I am POWERED by negativity.

Enough about me… here’s what’s going on with my friends on the web:

  • The 3rd Annual Boobiethon is in its final 24 hours. As usual, a smashing success. Congratulations to its organizers for all their hard work, and a nod of recognition to all of the bloggers who have contributed pics to a wonderful cause and making a difference!
  • Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Zeldman on the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter on 9/28!
  • Octobuary is not only Breast Cancer awareness month (see “Boobiethon” above), but it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Say hello to my dear friend, Lois Heckman and Women’s Resources of Monroe County – Real men don’t abuse those they’ve vowed to love, honor, cherish and protect. Even if you don’t live in the Poconos, I would urge you to seek them out if you have been a victim of abuse, and definitely support them.
  • Witchy guest spots here in SoApBoX and describes the surrealistic experience of her department being laid off in My only friend.. The End.Not only is she a valued friend and contributes here, but is also working with the equally lovely and fellow Texan Deb Smouse, and will be adding some good stuff to All Things Girl soon… and WILL have a website of her own soon, I swear.
  • Gina writes about “Hardcore Activists” who say taking an ACD (Arraignment Considering Dismissal) for the protests during the RNC Convention makes you a “sellout”. Gina disagrees, and so do I. I no longer support a Child Protection Reform GROUP for that very same reason (though my view on CP$ remains the same.).It’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in. It’s commendable.
    It’s another to become a martyr when you don’t have to. It’s senseless and stupid. 

    Radicals are in every movement. And they destroy that movement faster than the people you’re advocating against. They also kill the credibility of your cause. (See PETA and Greenpeace for a few examples. While there are some decent and relatively sane people involved, their reputations have all been tarnished and overshadowed by the actions of their extremist element.)

  • Gina also links to pictures FROM inside Pier 57 at The Memory Hole.

More as I think of them…

Debate questions that should have been asked

This one was less “massacre-like” in my opinion. Very informative, and I think, if anything Bush and Kerry definitely succeeded in defining the differences between what they have to offer.

HOWEVER… I could well imagine if you’re a fan of Bush or Kerry, this wasn’t going to change your mind and make the switch. I have written the following seven questions that, if answered correctly, would have changed my vote:

President Bush: “In 1912, the captain of the Titanic decided to ‘stay the course’ despite the warnings of icebergs. Where did they bury the survivors?”

Senator Kerry: “Do I look fat in these jeans?”

President Bush: “Mr. President, can you look the camera straight in the eye, and (just once) pronounce the word ‘NU-CLE-AR’ correctly?”

Senator Kerry: “Senator Kerry, level with the American people… how much botox was injected INTO your chin by mistake?”

President Bush: “Mr. President, Saddam Hussein was a very very very bad man. My question is… Quick! What’s the capitol of North Dakota?”

Senator Kerry: “Senator Kerry. The Bush campaign has labeled you a “flip-flopper”. In your 20 years in the Senate, how many times have you tied up traffic at a Wendy’s drive thru?”

Both Candidates “Barbara, Jenna or Alexandra. Who do you think the average American male voter should be masturbating over the most right now and why?”

See also: Misty has some suggestions to make the debates more fun!

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