[#Design] Free Lynda.com Video: Photography Foundations: Exposure

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is a photographer, carrying a 10 MP (or more) camera in their pockets wherever they go…

[#Tutorial] Why and How to Use a Color Chart for #Photography

A color chart is a tool that's easy to underestimate. It's not nearly as complex as most of the gear and software that modern photographers use…

[#Tutorial] Editing Photos on Mac – The #Luminar Basics

The ability to smartly edit photo content carries with it a multitude of benefits. The same is true if you were to take some basic photography courses, or take photography up as a hobby.


[#Photoshop #Tutorial] How to Avoid the Red Eye Effects

There was nothing more frustrating back in the day than having your disposable camera’s photos developed just to find that your subjects had red eyes. It’s the flash that does it – here’s how to undo …

[#Graphics #Tutorial] Using #Lightroom to Enhance Your #Photography Style

Have you heard of Lightroom? It can be used not only to organize and edit photos, but to seamlessly publish them to multiple media channels with a single click!

[#Tutorial] How to Get Started in Stop Motion Photography

Everything depends on your camera staying still for the whole shoot in stop motion photography. We’ll teach you that kind of patience, and other skills, in this tutorial.

[Photoshop Tutorial] How to Style Your Food Photography Composition to the Camera

Photography begins with the camera and the multitude of precise decisions that must be made with it. Making food photography look effortless isn’t easy, but here are some steps to take towards that go…

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