[Cool Websites] Church Connectivity Projects

From TrendHunter.com – Cool Websites and Internet CultureChurch Connectivity Projects – This Protestant Church Internet Initiative Increases Wifi Connection (TrendHunter.com):

Church Connectivity Projects - This Protestant Church Internet Initiative Increases Wifi Connection (TrendHunter.com)
(TrendHunter.com) This church Internet initiative gives connected congregations access to free wifi. Godspot provides free Internet to people inside or nearby churches that are a part of the German network. This…

The People -vs- The God of Mischief

This is not to be confused with moi, your lovable gOdOfMiScHiEf. But I feel must break the silence over a grave injustice that’s been carried for centuries….

Loki, the God of MischiefLoki was the God of Mischief, not the God of Evil… big difference. Sure he was a ball buster and a prankster, but unlike all the other stuffy and boring Norse Gods… Loki was fun! I wouldn’t mind having a shapeshifter at my parties… would you?

Ok… so here’s the point. He was hunted down by the gods over the death of Balder, right? Let’s examine the facts of Exhibit A:

1. Balder has this terrifying dream of his death.
2. Next thing you know, Balder has some contest for people to throw darts, daring people to try and kill him, in order to prove his invincibility.

Did the word “Darwin Awards” mean anything back then?

Loki tricks Frigg in telling him about some kind of mistletoe that can pierce him, he makes a dart, and has Balder’s blind (???) brother throw this dart which kills him dead.

Conclusions: Balder was an ass spelunker & died from his own stupidity. Natural Selection at work here, not murder.

(I said “Frigg”. heh heh.)

Exhibit B:
1. Frigg (*snort!*) basically begs Hel (keeper of the underworld & coincidentally Loki’s daughter) to spare Balder. Hel agrees only on the condition that everyone mourns.
2. A great mourning is felt across the land, all except one giantess (who is Loki in disguise)….
3. A deal is a deal, Balder’s spoiled whiny ass is dragged to Hela for all eternity. Too bad so sad.

Conclusion: HAHAHAHA!!! I fucking love this guy! 😀

Eventually all the gods (who obviously have no sense of humor) go on a manhunt for Loki to punish him. What a bunch of pricks! Chained for all eternity with a venomous snake dropping acid on him.

Where is Loki’s side of the story? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE, PEOPLE?????

This case is eerily similar to another wrongfully-convicted god, Prometheus. In bringing fire to primitive man (who then advanced in all aspects of civilization), Prometheus was sentenced to be chained to a rock while Zeus’ eagle disembowels him every day for eternity.

What a bunch of petty shitheads these ancient gods were. Not like that nice Jehovah fella in the Old Testament.

[Local News] Local woman says priest molested her, sues diocese

From LancasterOnline – NewsLocal woman says priest molested her, sues diocese:

A Millersville woman has filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against the Diocese of Allentown and a deceased priest.Sharon Tell, 56, said the Rev. James J. McHale molested her from 1964 to 1984, starting when she was 12 years old, according to a story in The Express-Times.The lawsuit alleges McHale, who di..

Falwell is dead. Long live Phelps.

And the fearmongering, hate and intolerance lives on. Look at this video by this guy “rejoicing” (his words) over the Virginia Tech massacre.

Westboro Church Pastor Is Insane – Watch more Funny Videos

If it isn’t soldier’s families…. it’s gay murders that makes headlines, or any ol’ death will do for him and his band of loons.

Whatever happened to “God is Love,” anyway?

This guy makes me sick.
(Hat tip to AlZ @ Problem Adults for finding this.)

Why I sold Problem Adults to Jerry Falwell

April Fool!Because if you look on the calendar, it’s April 1st. The holiest of days for the gOdOfMiScHiEf.

On this date last year we ended up being hacked with a godawful design (What most didn’t know that it was an ACTUAL design I lifted off of a rival board, so as people commented on what a shitty design it was, the actual board owner had ro read all the comments… HAW HAW!!!!). This year we’ve sold Problem Adults to the religious right.

We wish Rev. Fallwell, Rev I. P. Daly, and Deacon Seymour Heinie the best of luck with their new forum. 😀

Betty Bowers -vs- Ann Coulter

Betty Bowers reviews ‘Ann Coulter’s: Godless’

HAW HAW! Oh forget anything I can say about that anorexic loon, Betty Bowers does it so much better!

"Instead of using this book to dabble in the bracing novelty of introspection, Miss Coulter turns her two-setting mind (‘off’ and ‘off her rocker’) to hector us about religion."

"Let’s be honest: Reading a book about religion from Ann Coulter is tantamount to reading a book about dieting from Michael Moore. After all, who wants to be lectured about not being Christian enough by an almost-50 year-old boozehound in a black leather miniskirt who has never been married?"

Wait there’s more…

"With a mouth so busy frothing it apparently has no time to eat, Miss Coulter claims to be livid at these opportunistic widows for being crass enough to remember the event that killed the father of their children."

Go read it. The right-wing must be so proud of her…

PS: For those who missed the crock-u-drama, “The Path to 9/11”, the White House website has some of the deleted scenes you missed because all Good Americans™ watched football that night instead. 😀

Is it time to build an Ark yet?

I’m home because there’s no power in East Stroudsburg. It’s been raining uncontrollably on and off for days and they’re closing the roads soon as we’re expecting massive flooding and more power outages.

And damn I’m up in the MOUNTAINS. What’s going on with you guys? (Of course I had to find a way to state “I’m above you”. I’m a prick that way.). What’s going on? It’s like all the CO2 emissions in the air is causing unpredictable weather and mother nature is getting ready to blow all humanity out of her nose like an infectious SNOT! Why isn’t anyone warning us? Why don’t they make a movie or something????

No, I’m not going to see the movie (though I hear it has rave reviews). Documentaries bore the shit out of me and I learned all about Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect in school.

But I do have to laugh at the very same people who:

  • Believe life began in the Garden of Eden
  • Found a quack doctor to state that Terri Schaivo had a “chance at recovery”
  • Believe 9/11 was because God is pissed at gays and pagans…

… are calling *THIS* a “MYTH”!!! Despite seeing a killer tsunami and several deadly hurricanes the last few years.

HAW!!! HAWW!!! My irony meter is broken here….
Think God is going to swoop down and save mankind from its own stupidity again?
I wouldn’t.

We are so fucked. 😀

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