News from the Dalai Lama of Search Engine Spiders

If I could give people on the internet ONE solid piece of advice, it is this:
Never buy a Chupacabra from someone off ebay. EVER.
Ernie the Chupacabra
In case you’ve forgotten:

People need to think things through when buying a pet. It’s not always a good thing for you or them. Oh and trying to neuter a chupacabra? hahahaha! Good luck with that, buddy! 😀

Ghost Story Contest

Frank SS wants to hear your ghost stories in his contest.

Frank SS’ Blog Challenge – Frank SS’s MySpace Blog
“I’ve never done this before but I’m making a challenge to many of the talented writers amongst my friends. I want Ghost Stories. By the end of August. You have your challenge. Go write. CC, this especially means you.”

?… after that, check out MY ghost story. OOoooOOOOooooooo….

The Creepy Dead Girl and the Evil Entity – Eric Brooks’s MySpace Blog | WHUZZUP! (The MySpace Edition)
“I’ve seen ghosts… a LOT of them. I hate the Fall in particular. It’s believed by many that the veil between our worlds are at their thinnest and it’s easier to see them. Then my back yard looks like I’m hosting a Civil War and Indian party at night, and I feel I have NO privacy in the bathroom!”

Greetings from the Witless Protection Program

We’re all safely tucked away in our hidden location, soon to be moved to another.

Of course we forgot what we witnessed or who we’re testifying against, but hey… the Government is paying good money, and we kind of like our new lifestyle (and free internet and entertainment center).

I probably shouldn’t have written that.

Anyway, to occupy my time, I’ve been reading a book which fascinates me: Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond, by famed Ghost-Hunter, Dr. Hans Holzer.

There’s an interview of Dr. Holzer in Ghost Village, as I find his scientific approach to Parapsychology fascinating. Many skeptics can look on the wide variety of charlatans and dismiss the entire field and concept of paranormal research as horseshit. This is equally frustrating to genuine people with the gift to see unfortunate ones still trapped in this world as well.

“We are living in a technological age,” he said, “and they [paranormal investigators] think, or at least some of them that I’ve met, in all sincerity, that running around with geiger counters and cameras and instruments that can measure cold spots will be the way to investigate a haunting or a ghost. That’s bullshit. Because if you really are an investigator of the paranormal, and you’re dealing with ghosts or hauntings, you’re dealing with a human being – nothing more, nothing less. Therefore you should have with you a good trancemedium who can lend her body or his body temporarily for that entity to speak through so you can find out what the trouble is. That’s the way it works – not a geiger counter.”

“But certainly a geiger counter is more accessible than a good trancemedium for most people,” I said.

“And it looks more professional to them,” Holzer said. “But it really is bullshit.”

I simply adore this man. 😀

Ironically, I’m reading this book in a place where I feel no spirit presences whatsoever… the first time in a long time.

Me and the kids are going to miss the “Creepy Dead Girl” that lived on our loft in the old place the past five years.

Eh… no we’re not. We named her the “Creepy Dead Girl” for a reason. While I feel sorry for her, she scared the hell out of us. Because she was… well, creepy.

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