Eric finally answers Jude & friends and their LIES

There’s a new fraud on MySpace. A woman who claimed to have nearly died in the hospital after they removed a tumor. Her name is Jude Stilwell of Huntington Beach, Ca.

911 was an inside job… SANTA DID IT!

The movie LOOSE SCREWS is irrefutable proof that there is a massive cover-up with the September 11th attacks. It was an inside job … AND SANTA did it! OMG people WAKE UP and OPEN YOUR EYES! Stop being sheep. Alex Jones is right. We’re on our way to Global Slavery! LOL!

Denny Keast speaks?

I don’t know if I’ve just scooped the cyberworld, but a gentleman claiming to be Denny Keast just set the record straight on my blog about that idiotic-mail circulating around, and denies having anything to do with it. I’ve just notified Snopes.Com about it and offering anything I have to help them confirm it.

Who the heck is Denny Keast?

So I’m looking at the Idiotic E-Mail of the week (just use the link. The message is really long). Snopes has it as "Undetermined," because it’s obviously next-to-impossible to verify a second hand account that also uses anonymous sources. Answers.Com is trying to verify it as well. And Denny Keast doesn’t seem to exist outside of this E-Mail.

Why do people listen to Alex Jones?

Well, get this, according to Alex "The New World Order is Coming!!!" Jones, Michael Moore is part of the conspiracy to Help President Bush…

And the 9/11 conspiracy nuts continue…

I said it, Maddox said it, and Bill Maher said it. THERE IS NO 9/11 CONSPIRACY! Together, we know everything. What more do you want?

Zango (Adware Scum): Booted from the Better Business Bureau

I'd really like to hear how they got into the President's Club of the BBB in the first place. Hasn't anyone over there heard of that Google …

Anyone want a chupacabra? CHEAP?

Maybe I’m paranoid, but I think my chupacabra trying to kill me. A few cats have vanished, and when I ask him he looks at me with his cute widdle glowing red eyes and tries to look innocent.

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