The all-new cast

As you can see, I’ve been spending a lot of time upgrading/repairing the place. Trying to optimize the site for better search engine placement for Web Designers in the Poconos.

The all-new CyberPalPlans are in the works to bring back the “Free Stuff” section. That was always popular, and as you recall I had to shut it down for a while. I also want to highlight my 3D work and what better way to do that than to make a “Meet The Cast” section on the site:

Of course there’s CyberPal… I’ve recently redone him and remapped his head for better rendering.

Bozilla The ClownThere’s also a new Bozilla the Clown, done up in Michael 3, but making his clothes fit his fat ass is a pain (then again, the P4 version was a hassle too. Definite discrimination against the “calorically-challenged” in the 3D world!)

But the piece de resistance is our lovely SpokesModel and my cyber-sidekick, Randi… who translated to Victoria 3 almost flawlessly… is she still a hottie, or what?

Our site's Spokesmodel, Randi

Also scheduled to be featured will be Stress-Man, as well as the Vixens from ClubX (Jeanna, Miss Demeanor and Dixie). And all of the textures, morphs, props and playsets will be available in the new Free Stuff section.

Phoenix: Reborn

While it’s been powering my site for over three years now, I’ve mostly used the PHP/Myadmin in the back to make updates (making a front end interface seems even harder than the original scripting.)

But well…

Phoenix Content Management System

TAAAA DAAAA! All done up in purple, royal blue and silver, it’s making my life so much easier. It even has a “Smart Installer” that does all the work for you (for a few modules so far).

After long thought I’ve decided to keep it proprietary and for select friends and clients only. Who needs the hassle of offering strangers support and upgrades? Besides and it’s so much easier for me to make custom jobs without worrying about hacker exploits after it’s open source.

Much gratitude to Master Programmer Kyle DeFranco for helping me with a few problems with my login section today. 😀
But hey, you want a political site, showcase, online store or real estate site made by me?

Talk to me…. 😉

Do you want a lot of MySpace friends really REALLY fast?

MySpace MegaWhore contest!

Do you have a MySpace page?
Do you want a LOT of friends?

Well Problem Adults has a contest this week. All you have to do write one little itty-bitty blog entry about us (preferably something wild & outrageous!), and the winner will have THOUSANDS of friends coming to their MySpace page and being added ALL week!

[CLICK HERE for details]
(Deadline is FRIDAY. Read the rules.)

Tortilla Man LIVES!!!!

Ya know… I should check my links more often.

Tortilla man!

Back in 2000, Richard Rubin hired me to design “Tortilla Man” (or at least that’s what I call him) and the “La Tortilla Loca” logo , and we were going to design his website next. Nicest guy you could ever work with. We lost touch shortly after that, and I assumed he never got a website done or the product out. So I put the project in my “Dead In The Water” section (Did I really write “indistry”??? JEEZ!).

Well… had I bothered to click on the link to in the last four years I would have known he did INDEED get a website. (And the guys at kt Webdesigns did a great job too.).

La Tortilla Loca

As Richard wrote me recently: “Eric, all is alive and well, we are selling 1,000’s of our tortilla warmers and the the logo you designed is still going strong, we are far from DEAD IN THE WATER’ as you state on your site.

See what happens when you assume kids? LOL!

Well I think this is great news and if there’s anyone I wanted to see make a success of his ideas it was him! Congratulations Richard, and LONG LIVE TORTILLA MAN!!!! 😀
(Now I gotta move that out of Dead in the Water and make it a logo design entry.)

MySpace is down

HAW! HAW! What else is new?
There was a power outage in L.A. on Saturday, they’ve been under constant malicious hacker attacks (one which Tom urged everyone to upgrade their Flash Player.)

Shit happens. I’ve had sites down for days. It gets ugly! But there’s nothing you can do about it. If you ask me, they wont be back for a few days (if anything, expect intermittent service)…

So me? The opportunistic bastard that I am… I’ve decided that I am taking advantage of Technorati’s 2nd biggest search query to say one simple thing….


  • We’re safer
  • People will actually read your posts
  • We find, weed out the creeps and toss them out the door!
  • We’re run on “Pure Imagination”, we’re not into that “reality” bullshit.
  • Got a blog? A project? We’ll SHOWCASE it!
  • We’re FUN!!! And we got an arcade with 300 games!
  • God… don’t go back to your shitty LiveJournals… PLEASE!
    All the cool kids are at Problem Adults right now….

    Problem Adults.Com: Better Living Through Hedonism

    PS: Comments are off until I get control of this site back from comment spammers… you wouldn’t believe the crap I’ve been getting hit with here, my guestbooks, and even my contact forms! Jerkoffs!
    Die, Comment Spammers, Die!

    Is it HOT enough for you, or can I turn this mother f**ker ALL THE WAY UP!!!??!!

    Aw yeah, CyberPals!

    Getting started with production of Problem Adults’ FIRST online commercial!!! Continue reading “Is it HOT enough for you, or can I turn this mother f**ker ALL THE WAY UP!!!??!!”

    What a gorgeous weekend!

    It’s 77 degrees out, beauuuuuuuutiful sunny day!

    So if you’ll all excuse me, I’m off to play with my little ones outside.
    I may stop by for Problem Adult’s Saturday Nite Chat tonight… but no promises. 😀

    SEE YA!!!!!

    Cake and Ice Cream for EVERYONE!

    Problem adults: Offending everyone since 2005!Gawd DAMN! Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

    It was a year ago today that we launched Problem Adults. The goal was to make a safe and secure haven for all my friends. Express ourselves. Escape the pressures of every day life. Forge some solid friendships.

    And I think we did it… and then some. 1,696 threads, 21,033 posts, 323 arcade games, almost 200 members have come & gone, photo gallery, and an interactive chat room… all in 365 days!

    We’ve had lots of rocky times, brawls and controversial moments as well. We’ve made lots of enemies too. It’s been a wild ride!

    Then again, if you’re not making enemies…. you’re not making a difference… right?

    It doesn’t look like much from the outside… because all the fun is in hidden forums inside. Trust me! Come and join us. Have the time of your life and make some new friends and contacts. 🙂

    !NIAGA slooF lirpA

    Again the High-Holy day of the “Eternal Prankster” is upon us.

    If you’re looking at this site in Internet Explorer, you must be going insane right now as the entire site is in mirror reverse (therefore having no idea why we’re all laughing at you right now.) If you’re on Firefox, you’re wondering what the hell is up with the title spelled backwards. Screw you what stroke of brilliance are you showing me for April Fools Day?

    In case you’re wondering how this is done, put “filter:fliph;” in your CSS (Preferably in the “p” or “td”) and everything is “flipphed”. It’s an IE-only filter.

    Oh NO! It looks like Problem Adults was hacked too! WTF????
    And EW! That design is… well… WTF???? ~T~ and I have a reputation as designers to worry about!

    Have a good one, you guys!!!!!

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