Celllll…A… BRAAAA…TION!!!!

Let the festivities begin…


And I NEVER had a fight…. (heh heh!)

Special thanks to Chey, Maria and Solonor for remembering today is my birthday and the lovely e-cards too . :0)

(I launch major web projects on my birthday… it’s a tradition, don’t ya know. One year ago today ANARCHTICA was launched.)

25 thoughts on “Celllll…A… BRAAAA…TION!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday dude! (Pours two Rum and Pepsis in glasses with lots of ice!)

    I assume that you won’t post tomorrow. You should need to sleep late FROM all the excesses! 😉

  2. -e-,
    I tried to email you, but a note appeared and said I was coming FROM an unauthorized domain…what the heck does that mean??

  3. {{{Hugs}}} Oh yeaahhh!! I’m dancin’!! Hope your birthday was awesome sweetie, and here’s to many more happy years at Eric Brooks dot com!!!! 🙂

  4. You should need to sleep late FROM all the excesses!

    *SNORT* dude, I just hit 38… I’m lucky if I can stay awake during activities at the nursing home these days.

    Nope. No more strippers, booze, and loud music for me… just lots of chopped up geritol and one-a-day vitamins hidden in my jello and pudding. Maybe, I’ll live it up and muster enough energy for a wild bingo game once a month. :0)

    *tears the house apart looking for easy listening music… who the hell is Rupert Holmes, anyway??? *

    Hey, thanks for stopping by everyone… this really made my day!

  5. Sorry, I’m late. I was out, goofing around with my daughter. She’s such a bad influence on me, ya know.

    Anyway … It can’t be said enough …

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (& blogday), my friend!!!

  6. Habby Bull ated Birfday. I made a donation in honor of your 38th, mostly because you have worked so darn hard on this project, and the fact that this organization will help provide music to the school kiddies, a project after my own heart.
    Here’s to 5 more years of of exciting blogging (or whatever you want to call it)!

  7. Dude, if you are just 38 and are ready to enter a nursing home, what about me who turns 40 next month!!?? Maybe it will be more like a funeral than a birthday bashment! Not if I have any say.

    Here’s to alcohol, wenches and debauchery! I wonder if I have had too much to drink already. That comment does not sound like me! :-0

    Stay cool.

  8. A belated happy birthday to you, e! I was gonna post on the day, but the stupid computers at work got in the way of that. *sigh* (And I had a 12 hour shift too, where I could have left many a b-day greeting, but nooooooooooooo…damn company getting in the way of prime internet time….)

  9. Oops. Bad Lisa. But I DID think of you as I drove past your exit on I-80 on my way to and FROM Cleveland on Friday and Sunday. Does that count? Our internet gals actually got together to celebrate Susan’s birthday, which was also Saturday. So I had birthday cake on your birthday, too.

    Seriously though, my dear, Happy belated Birthday! Hope it was fabulous!


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