Children of Loki… REJOICE!

Yes… to many, April 1th has all the magic and power as Christmas. For the Eternal Prankster it is one of the High Holy Days on the calendar.

If you recall last year, this entire site was in mirror reverse. Two years before that, I was reveling in a classic gag where I became a woman and seduced some asshole and put out all his letters online for his wife and business associates to see (and I did it LONG before that Libertarian “Girl” did.)….

There’s one prank ready to spring in the office as we speak. I will let you know how it goes.

Pulling pranks are easy. You just have to have a great sense of humor and be a vicious prick at the same time.

You know who’s NOT good at it? The Pope.
I mean come on… immediately after Terri Schiavo, you’re gonna pull this “Grave Condition” stunt on April Fools day no less, and expect me to fall for it???

Nice try, but timing is everything, your Eminence.

UPDATE – 2:45PM: Pope John Paul II has passed away.
UPDATE II – 2:53PM: OOPS! False alarm. A Cardinal stepped on the EKG Monitor plug by accident. HE LIVES!

4 thoughts on “Children of Loki… REJOICE!

  1. Hahaha! Good one, -e-!

    I mean: you’re goin’ to hell. Well, I’d say you were going’ to hell, but you’d probably fit right in, so that’s not such a threat. I’ll have to think on this a while.

  2. Nah… you see I got a plan! I’m gonna have all my fun, do all sorts of wicked stuff, and then at the last possible second, I’m gonna repent and accept Jebus, and get into heaven on a technicality! (Man, is that gonna piss some people off!!!) 🙂

    I keep a Chick Tract on me at all times with all the instructions I need just for that occasion.

    Brilliant, no?

  3. Oh man, Kate… and I didn’t even tell you what we did at work today!

    We have this huge account. You know one of those “If we lose them, we may as well close the place” type accounts?

    The sales rep was running late getting in. I made a mockup of their site, one of the tech guys rigged his computer so only he can see the fake site… and it looked like it was hacked!

    One of the bigwigs from that company was in on the gag, called our sales rep up all frantic about the site being vandalized, he sees the “site” for himself on the computer… he was FREAKING OUT!

    It was hilarious. 🙂

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