Chris Powers II: The spy who stalked me

Oh yeahhhhh BAY-BEEE!!!!
This week’s brawl is just simply SHAG-A-LICIOUS! You know like all of the good ones… they fester and boil off in a private corner, and finally a catalyst makes it explode in a free for all, and we’re afraid to get our popcorn out of the microwave because God forbid we miss any fun!!!!

For those of you that feel some altercations should “stay private”. Not in the case of a continuing pattern of a predator. Not when a kid is involved. In other words: “Fuck dat noize!!!”. I’m trying to do my job here. Do you mind?

Chris Powers -vs- (well, too many people to name)

Brawl of the WeekSo you all scorned Sara when she kicked Chris off her servers, you just wafted past Robyn’s story in May, and thought Hormonal Bitch was just the coolest site ever, and never asked yourselves “Why was it created?”.

I know all… I see all… I am privy to more information than some of you people deserve! I’m a WebGod, remember?

Rather than (yet another) Chris Powers bashfest, and discuss his gift of making women feel uncomfortable and creeped out, and his uh, attention toward underage girls… I also feel in my Digitally Divineā„¢ being that there is a higher lesson to be learned, so here is the story, and judge for yourselves:

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