Clearing the air…

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Somewhere with every thing flying around, there were a few confusing misconceptions.

1) Yvonne the white chick – Uhm, well, not exactly. You’re half-right though. She clarifies it on her site. And if that is not enough, I have exclusive video footage of her and a lucky cane. (courtesy of Dick.)

2) Eric the white chick – Uhm, well not exactly. You’re half-right there, too. Of course when you run INTO someone as catty and petty as me, with a penchant for getting ALL the juicy gossip, it’s a common mistake.

But no, I’m a dood….

See my dongles?

As you were….

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7 replies on “Clearing the air…”

  1. Heh, I knew you’d have to clear up that E is a chick thing, quicklike. I only have a dongle part time. I have to borrow one. They keep them locked up. Because there are many people out there who would steal your dongle.

  2. Very hadsome set of dongles you have there E! I would never have mistaken you for a girl! ;o)

    Happy birthday Jewdez! Excellent Christmas layout you have there! :o)

  3. What goes on between a girl and her dongle is a private matter.

    And yes, happy birthday!

    …..*bursts out giggling*
    Oh, I just can’t keep a straight face when making dongle comments…

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