Closing Out the Year of the Phoenix with a BANG

2005: Year of the Phoenix

Wow. It’s over so soon?
I gotta say, despite the many, many MANY setbacks… it’s been a hell of a good year for me.

The financial shuffle
I found myself leaving my job at the paper (of four years… a NEW RECORD!) to briefly unemployed, to landing a dream job as a graphic artist elsewhere to be laid off in July. I suppose I’m back in the freelancing world again, and lots of people have been kind enough to toss me gigs.

A new Hangout
We launched Problem Adults in May of this year. A haven for my web friends to escape the pressure and bullshit of reality. Old friends, new friends… one big dysfunctional cyber-family having the times of our lives.

What’s with the Phoenix?
Well, Phoenix is the codename of the CMS I’m building. It powers this entire site. It’s also a symbol of rebirth and metamorphosis, as I hit the big 4-0 this year. Firebirds are cool. Butterflies and moths are for pussies.

Cursed her good
Wow… A Curse on Sara Freder is STILL going strong. Got it’s 99th comment this week. That may be small potatoes for the heavy-hitting bloggers, but it blows my mind here! The point is people… YOU have the power to alter your luck, and your life. Not some phony psychic.

Love and happiness
Are you fucking kidding me? That was a little too much to ask for, isn’t it? I’m a slug and incapable of loving and being loved. GO AWAY! (I work better as a tortured soul, and I’m a lot more entertaining and creative when I’m miserable.).

Things to come
Not sure what 2006 is going to bring us all (I’m betting pretty horrific and fucked up, but that’s just me.). I will face it all with my usual blaise shrugs. Hell, I never planned to LIVE to see 2006, so this ought to be inneresting.

Peace and prosperity to (some of) you!!!!!
Chaos and mischief to everyone else!

9 thoughts on “Closing Out the Year of the Phoenix with a BANG

  1. Dear Husband and I hope you’ll have a healthy and prosperous 2006. Who knows, maybe UPS will hire you to straighten out their website! Happy New Year, hon!

  2. (one geek to another…I would love to help you test drive the CMS when you’re ready)
    HFNY to you guy, you’re the best, thank you for everything you do and are, and for everything you’ve been to me my friend
    may 2006 bring us everything our hearts desire (and you’re NOT incapable, you just wish you were!)

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