Cutesy-ness ahoy!

HAH!!!! Not to be outdone by Batgrl and her Sleestak (it’s also the plural like “deer” and “moose”. I never knew that.).

I give you…

experiment #626

He’s bulletproof, fireproof, designed to destroy everything in his path.
He’s also cute and fluffy.

If you can sit through this movie, and not cry (even once)… I can only come to one conclusion:

You are a terrible person.

I will hunt you down, and test your tear ducts by putting cigarettes out in your FRIGGIN EYEBALLS! I will MAKE YOU CRY one way or another, you heartless, evil HORROR of a human being!!!!!

You make me sick.

“Ohana means family. And family means that no one is left behind… or forgotten…..”
– Stitch –

Two thumbs up (and a tissue) for Lilo & Stitch.
I shouldn’t have to EXPLAIN to you why.

9 thoughts on “Cutesy-ness ahoy!

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, and for good reason. I am prone to crying liking a baby!!!! I can’t handle the empotional heart strings movies. I border on hysteria!

  2. Stitch is the coolest! My little sisters got this interactive talking Stitch for christmas – I might have to steal it from them…

  3. I have to agree with Maria – I cry like a fool and am especially susceptable to ani mated critters who are sad. I bawled like crazy over Snoopy Come Home. And when I saw Rudolph (the first hundred times) when they wouldn’t let him play reindeer games and shunned him? Yearly tears. So I’ve gotta stay away from this one for a while!

    And Sleestak are scary and fierce!
    Not at all cute!

  4. I’m tellin’ ya! And it doesn’t help that I was HOMESICK when I watched it! Trying to be all composed and adultlike…OH no! lol!

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