16 thoughts on “Damn Pinger

  1. Awake???
    I never bothered going to bed.

    Well as you can see, I fixed the pinging problem (which required me deleting MT on my site and downloading and reinstalling a new one.)

    I pray to God all I have to do is reinstall fresh files to your site… or I’ll freakin’ kill myself, cuz I doubt either of us want to go through *yesterday* again.


  2. Thanks Red! No, it was in the way the “host” was displayed in the javascript.

    Nope wasn’t going to sleep until I got the front of this in some kind of order.

    Now when the user encounters an error, their name is posted as “A total retard named [NAME]” hee hee! (As if being verbally berated on my error page wasn’t bad enough!) :0)

    *braces himself for the next 48 hours… news, covering of tributes, revamping 9/11 archives, wondering when sleep will come again… *

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