Day 52 without sleep

Heh… I once heard that a human will go insane after seven days with no sleep. That is SO not true. Probably propaganda by Serta or one of those mattress companies or something.

It’s just like quitting smoking… sure it’s rough for a few weeks (like I swore I kept seeing Brad Pitt and we were going INTO the soapmaking business together?)…

But after a month, you realize you don’t need it.

Oh, and the Bush administration? I’m totally sick of them. Is it November yet?
If the guarantee of a gay marriage ban, or the draft coming back in the next term isn’t enough of an excuse… how about the fact that Americans aren’t safe anywhere on the planet?

Nobody ever hated Russian tourists. We always pitied them for being poor saps for not knowing all of the sucky things their commie government was doing. Of course they weren’t loud, fat and obnoxious…

Did we get Osama yet?
I think you get the point.

Don’t get me wrong, if I were to ever actually meet President Bush, of course I would SHOW him the respect you’d give to a president.

Much like the way you give respect to your boss or some other suit in the office, and then remark what an asshole he is once they were out of earshot?

No, really. I can’t stand him and what he’s done to our country. If I had any more contempt for him I’d have the Secret Service at my door asking me to “chill out”. You know, it’s like if I worked in McDonalds, you’d hear over the intercom “Hello. Welcome to McDonalds… how may I hate Bush for you today?”

Oh, and there’s a new element in the William Hung nightmares now…
After the show, he moves in with me and the familiy…


4 thoughts on “Day 52 without sleep

  1. I read about a case study they did where the guy couldn’t get INTO REM. after about 3 months, he actually died.

    get some sleep, man. *wink*

  2. I hear you, on the Bush matter… I so want to see his sorry a** out of office… and, if he were here – I don’t know that I could find any form of respect for him.

    Well, you best be getting some sleep sometime as we kind of like you here, alive and well and telling your perspective!

  3. Sweet! 52 days without sleep? ! How do you do it, or why? I’ve been gone for a bit and missed my blog reading so I’ve obviously missed SOMETHING! Exactly what drug can keep you awake that long!! ;0)

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