Dear Eric Brooks' of the world

While I do enjoy the occasional “WOW! Another Eric Brooks in the world, what an amazing coincidence…” emails (as if you’ve never looked in the white pages to find that there’s at least 200 of them in New York City alone, not to mention a major Marvel Comics character, a murderer, an actor/producer, a rapper and a country music singer.)…

The fact is, I know most of you are rather treacherous, egocentric, back-stabbing weasels, who thinks the world revolves around you (unlike me, of course). You’re sitting there, with credit card in hand, waiting for the domain to expire on July 18th, aren’t you? Just waiting for the day where you can usurp the much-coveted domain name and use its high traffic to showcase pictures of your cat and your new boat, aren’t you? (I realize it’s an “Eric” thing to believe you are the center of the universe… but man, you guys are the worst!)

Well, when you pry it FROM my cold, dead fingers, pal.

Are you sitting down?
I just renewed the name for another 5 years. That’s right.
I also plan, within the course of those five years to renew it for another nine years, at which point I expect one of my highly-talented children to convert this all INTO a “memorial site” to their dear old dad who worked himself to death, with alleged sightings of me at truck stops and Wal-Marts all over the world (it’s a family tradition, you know. Much like the other “E“.)

So uhm, forget about what I said about the “cold, dead fingers” stuff. I intend to be a thorn in the web’s side for ALL ETERNITY. Maybe even longer.

Sorry about that.

EricBrooks.Com® – As far as the web is concerned (*draws katana sword*)… there can BE only ONE!!!!™

(*runs around in circles, laughing like a maniac, gets dizzy, falls down and throws up, where everyone realizes I don’t chew my food as much as I probably should*)

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