Death by Lay off


Kill me now. Please.

Sorry to have been so quiet lately. But after the announcement that our teams layoffs will be announced September 17 (which is virtually guaranteed to wipe us out), the site where we are located decided to move us to another floor!

They moved our phones upstairs like this was going to happen tomorrow! We all began cleaning out our offices and dumping stuff. I have literally spent the last 3 days pulling staples out of expired paperwork so it could be dumped in the recycle bin! 3 days!

I was finally able to catch up today. We were then notified that somebody “jumped the gun” and we weren’t supposed to be moved until everything could be moved at once. (hmm.. gosh, makes sense) So of course it took 3 additional days to get our phones back!

Once the hurry up and wait work is done, I just know it’s going to go back to endless days of absolutely nothing to do. There is nothing worse. God, how I loathe being idle. *sigh*

So that’s my rant for today. It is against the stupidity of corporate bureaucracy.

more to come…

6 thoughts on “Death by Lay off

  1. I got laid off four months ago. I am temping now, but have sent my resume to 40+ companies (seriously) and nothing but a couple of interviews and denial letters have come out of it. Arrgghh!
    Anyway, just doing some browsing…thought I would say hello!

  2. So… they jumped the gun – well, if the idleness gets to you you can pretend that you are moving again and do some more cleaning up??

  3. Just one problem with that idea, Eric. You have to be officially notified your time is going to come and that happens September 17th. Then you can turn in your package and get going. If you leave before you’re tapped you lose your termination pay. And God knows you don’t want to lose that, given the employment hell that’s going on out there these days! So I’m rather a lame duck.
    So sorry to hear about your layoff, Penny.
    It’s like looking for a job has become a job in and of itself these days!
    Desiree – exactly! My office has never been so clean in all my time here! :o)

  4. In other words “We still own you, don’t go anywhere. We don’t give a shit how you’re going to feed your family after Sept. 17th… but for now we own you.”

    And Imagine another scenario: If things were going wonderful, and you found another job… they would expect you to give two weeks notice, train someone, and make all the necessary arrangements that your departure and operations will go as smoothly as possible.

    Anyone else see an unfair double-standard in the corporate world here? Just curious.

  5. Well, actually you have 60 days after the announcement and if you find something sooner you may be able to negotiate a sooner end of payroll date. Also they may be willing to allow you to take a different (more miserable) job if you just really want to drag out the process. But why? When the entire division is going to hit the bricks eventually. I will write about it in more detail once I’m out the door complete with the “how Bush helped rush my company out of business angle”..

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