Debate questions that should have been asked

This one was less “massacre-like” in my opinion. Very informative, and I think, if anything Bush and Kerry definitely succeeded in defining the differences between what they have to offer.

HOWEVER… I could well imagine if you’re a fan of Bush or Kerry, this wasn’t going to change your mind and make the switch. I have written the following seven questions that, if answered correctly, would have changed my vote:

President Bush: “In 1912, the captain of the Titanic decided to ‘stay the course’ despite the warnings of icebergs. Where did they bury the survivors?”

Senator Kerry: “Do I look fat in these jeans?”

President Bush: “Mr. President, can you look the camera straight in the eye, and (just once) pronounce the word ‘NU-CLE-AR’ correctly?”

Senator Kerry: “Senator Kerry, level with the American people… how much botox was injected INTO your chin by mistake?”

President Bush: “Mr. President, Saddam Hussein was a very very very bad man. My question is… Quick! What’s the capitol of North Dakota?”

Senator Kerry: “Senator Kerry. The Bush campaign has labeled you a “flip-flopper”. In your 20 years in the Senate, how many times have you tied up traffic at a Wendy’s drive thru?”

Both Candidates “Barbara, Jenna or Alexandra. Who do you think the average American male voter should be masturbating over the most right now and why?”

See also: Misty has some suggestions to make the debates more fun!

3 thoughts on “Debate questions that should have been asked

  1. And the candidates answer:

    Senator Kerry: I have a four point plan to answer these questions and it can be found on johnkerry dot com.

    President Bush: Answering these questions is hard, hard work. I talk to people all the time about answering these questions.

    I don’t care what anyone says. This is the best election ever!

  2. I also liked Misty’s idea of HAVING the American Idol judges as moderators. The thought of Simon ripping INTO Bush and Kerry would be priceless. :0)

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