[Design] The Definitive Guide to Quotes, Apostrophes, and Primes

From CreativePro.comThe Definitive Guide to Quotes, Apostrophes, and Primes:

The Definitive Guide to Quotes, Apostrophes, and Primes

Quotation marks, apostrophes, and primes (also known as inch and foot marks) are some of the most misunderstood and misused elements in typesetting. The confusion between them harkens back to the days of typewriters when there was just one style – now called ‘typewriter quotes’ to represent them all. But today’s computers are intended to set professional typography, not just typing for the casual user, therefore the proper glyphs are available in most fonts. Understanding the distinction between these marks and the task of getting them right can be challenging, but essential for the creative professional. If you think you?ve heard me ranting about this topic before, you are right. That is because the misuse of any of these glyphs is one of the most widespread of all type crimes in digital typography, committed by students (who have an excuse), novices, and seasoned professionals alike. This can be due to lack of knowledge, but also because too many creative professionals don’t think it is their job to be concerned about this. They are wrong, as every design job is a group effort, and any error reflects poorly on the entire team, and most especially, the client…

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