[Design] Finesse Your Type with Three Great InDesign Scripts

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From CreativePro.comFinesse Your Type with Three Great InDesign Scripts:

Finesse Your Type with Three Great InDesign Scripts
Dan Rodney describes himself as a designer, instructor, web developer, and all-around nice guy. This certified Adobe Instructor/Expert is passionate about technology and has written several time-saving scripts for InDesign for both Mac and PC that will make your typesetting life faster and easier. Using the scripts is easy, and you do not have to know how they work or how to create them. Just install and run them with a simple double-click. Here are our favorite three scripts from Dan: Quotes to Foot & Inch Marks One of the many challenges when setting type is to get the quotation marks, apostrophes, and primes (inch and foot marks) set with the correct glyphs. This usually begins with making sure the quotation marks and apostrophes are typeset using typographer?s quotes (smart quotes). Some folks use Find/Change for this, but what often ends up happening is that the primes used for measurements are accidentally converted to smart quotes. The fix for this usually requires proofreading and manually converting any instances back to proper foot or inch marks, which is both time-consuming and tedious. The Quotes to Foot & Inch Marks utility makes this easy.

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