[#Design] Using Color #Fonts in #Photoshop with #Fontself

From CreativePro.comUsing Color Fonts in Photoshop with Fontself:

Using Color Fonts in Photoshop with Fontself

Color fonts have been touted as the Next Big Thing. They aren’t universally accepted just yet, but for you early adopters, here’s a great way to build custom fonts directly inside Photoshop. In a previous article we looked at Fontself, the revolutionary plug-in that allows users to create fonts in Adobe Illustrator. Now Fontself has introduced a new plug-in that enables you to create color fonts in Photoshop. First, a word of warning: although you can create the fonts in Photoshop and use them in Photoshop, the number of external applications in which you can use them is at present very limited. They’ll work in most of the apps that ship with a Mac, such as Pages and TextEdit, but they won’t yet work in Illustrator or InDesign. And as for browsers? you’re limited to Firefox and Microsoft Edge for now. Having said that, color font support is likely to be built into most apps in the near future. Color fonts are created in the OpenType-SVG format. If you create a font in Photoshop using Shapes tools, then they’ll be fully scalable…

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