Die, you cocksmoking spamming bastards, you

It’s official.

From here on in, comments will have to be manually approved by me.*

I am so sick of ads for prescription drugs, making my dick bigger, home loans and Texas Hold ’em tips… (I play blackjack. That’s it.).

Soapbox and Whuzzup comments now are thrown in a queue for approval and I need to write a script for my spamtastic guestbook to do the same.

I hate you assholes. I really do.

* Time frame? How’s “whenever the hell I get around to it” grab you?

3 thoughts on “Die, you cocksmoking spamming bastards, you

  1. We know exactly how you feel over at redeaglespirit. ~T~ managed to block the free advertising from the comments and they jumped to the trackbacks. I’m SICK of it!

    Let’s stand up and UNITE! Take the slimy bastards out!

    ~e~….you wouldn’t happen to have any chocolate, would ya??

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