Ding Dong the monkey’s dead…

TGO JOJO!!!The World According To Me.Com (aka the “404 page”)
2000 – 2003 Rest In Pieces

Feel free to laugh, gloat and wait for “The Got-no-site-ed One” to whine and grovel at the feet of the Hidden Cabal of Those Who Run The Web (although we don’t exist) for mercy.

In this community, if you mess with one… you mess with us all.
Some lessons need to be learned the hard way. Like “Freedom Of Speech” requires a little bit of responsibility. Like HAVING your webhost pull the plug on your site as you are in violation of their Terms Of Service (not limited to “slander and libel”, “death threats”, “menacing and harrassment”).

*Does the heinie dance of victory* This community truly doth rock!
Thanks everyone!!!!

22 thoughts on “Ding Dong the monkey’s dead…

  1. whoopee F’in do TGO’s site is suspended, means nothing

    1) it will be back

    2) doesn’t need a site to be superior

    takes a lot more than that to get rid of TGO

  2. Hey… hang out all you like.
    You’re welcome here any time, coke’s in the fridge.

    I’m actually growing kind of fond of ya, dude.

  3. I can’t believe TGO actually shows his face in light of his embarassing humiliation. I think he knows now that he’s our bitch and is just looking for punishment. Bahahahaha.

  4. TGO hasnt bee humiliated. it takes a lot more than a site suspension to humiliate TGO.

    other way around, you are TGO’s Bitch

  5. other way around, you are TGO’s Bitch

    Oh man, dude… you amuse the hell out of me.

    Apparently, -F- has that choker chain around your neck so tight that you’re not getting enough blood to your brain…. so let me enlighten you on the situation you’re in right now:

    1. There is only one “god” on this site. And bruddah, YOU AIN’T IT.

    2. I assume you can’t get your email either. I sent you something that may interest you last night, and I’d hate to think you’d be dumb enough to ignore me.

    3. Your only line of communication with the world right now is this comment box.

    4. On this site, “freedom of speech” is a priviledge, not a right. Right now, your right to speak is hanging on a thread… and your god is holding the scissors.

    5. I direct you back to point #1

    Later, chuckles!

  6. Well, according to the e-mail I just got FROM his hosting company, TGO agreed to take down the offending content. That is excellent news. Perhaps he’s not so bad. It was just a joke that escalated way out of hand. We shall see.

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