Do you look at a menu and say "OK"?

One of my comedic heroes, Rodney Dangerfield has passed away.

Some of his great one-liners have been collected here.
Rather than have my typical fits of rage at moments like this, exclaiming “It should have been YOU!!!”, I choose to remember the good times and all the laughs this time. I’m gonna rent Back to School, and raise a glass of coke in his honor.

I still think it should have been you, though.

2 thoughts on “Do you look at a menu and say "OK"?

  1. Rest in Peace, Rodney. He was one hell of an inspiration. When I would get down on myself and tell my uncle my life was over because I didn’t get a good start when I was young, he’d always bring up Rodney. Proof that you can start over again later in life and make it.

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