Does it really come in threes?

  • My thoughts and prayers to Jeffrey Zeldman and family for the peace & serenity they all deserve….
  • My sincerest condolences to Patti for the loss of her friend…
  • I’ve spent the day writing back and forth with the old gang from Bushwick (scattered across the country) all day, as one has brought this Daily News Article to our attention. We’re worried sick and losing hope fast.

Elias Diaz has been our good friend since we were all teens. We don’t understand why he would be back in Bushwick, instead of home, with his three young children in Florida. The fact is, we’re not even sure if it’s him.

Also in the Daily News Article:
“Police also said they had received calls from Diaz’s concerned relatives in Florida.”

And that line makes us fear the worst… his emails were returned “undeliverable” today.

Like Zeldman, I want closure. Like Patti, I want to explode in rage at this senseless murder of my friend. If anyone reading this is from Bushwick, or knows anything about this,
please get in touch with me!!!

Should our worst fears be realized, we’re planning a giant cyber-sendoff.
If not, someone’s getting their ass whupped, when we all fly to Florida, for making us worry like this…. Stay tuned.

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