You people made Nico Cry!!! You forgot it was his birthday yesterday!!!

How could you???

Well, um… I forgot too.
And it seems his brother isn’t too sure of his age. So, uhm, Happy belated birthday?


Yes. I know that was five or six.
Don’t fuck with me today.
***// Edited 7:33 PM //*******************
Since I am a sucky excuse for a human being, much less a friend…
I offer this lame-o Belated birthday gift, since I know he loves cats so much…
I re-present (for a limited time): MY CAT, PUDDY
***// End Edit //*******************

15 thoughts on “DOH!!!!

  1. Thanks -e- and Tammie :o)

    I don’t want anyone else to go through the hell I went through yesterday, so I agree with -e-, use the birthday alarm!

    I’m reconcidering my brother’s status as my brother.

  2. Awww … so sorry, Nico. That sucks. Happy belated birthday, sweetie!

    (Hey, quick, somebody tell Faith. I bet she can think of all kinds of intriguing ways to make Nico feel better … )

  3. The sad thing is I should have KNOWN Jan. 17th is Nico’s Birthday… I’ve known the dude almost three years… (not to mention other people’s birthday that I know.)

    I SUCK!

  4. Thank you, Dawn :o) I don’t know, I think Faith could probably make me cry more ;o)

    And I take that adorable Puddy any time, even so he’s not Puddy, but Melissa’s cat, and no, cats doesn’t all look the same, but they are all adorable, so I’ll take Puddy. Thank you, and you are a fine human being and a damn good friend too so just stop flattering yourself ;o)

  5. What beautiful cats Puddy and Chucky are!!!!
    You should give them some catnip from your own hand, and then take some amazing pictures…..!!!!!
    Once again Happy Birthday, Nico!!!!
    One can never have enough good vibrations!!!

  6. OMG!! Now Brat has the song “Good Vibrations” stuck in my head….. I’m picking up good vibrations, she’s giving me excitations…. good bop bop, good vibrations…bop bop….. excitations….bop bop…

    *LMAO* ;o)

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