Don’t Call Me “Mr. Mom” Any More…

Hey. Howyadoin?

Are you sitting down?

Yeah, well… of course you’re sitting down. Hell, I can hear your arteries hardening as you’re shoving down that sandwich though your chubby little cheeks, as you’re sitting on your fat ass in front of your computer….

Sorry…. anyway, here’s the news.

For the first time since 1994… I have a job!!!!!

Yep, your CyberPal became the new WebMeister of the Pocono Record as of Thursday. While we can all agree, the site can use a lot of work, don’t look for any major changes anytime soon. I have to learn how their systems work… (Currently, I’m cooking up some CGI scripts to pull their headlines into a database and on the front page working demo for a limited time.)

I’d sure like some thoughts on how I can improve the site. Emails that say “Fire the new Webmaster” will be automatically deleted… FUCK YEAH, I support censorship! :0)

And you can Quote me on that!”>

Newz & Gossip:

  • Happy Birthday Jeffrey Zeldman
  • Happy Birthday Becky’s husband, Denis (She sent Erika the cutest E-card for her birthday, thanx, btw!)
  • I hope Holli is feeling better, Amber… we’re all concerned.
  • As always, a prayer for KayCee and her mom too.
  • Blogger still sucks.

Weekend Surfing Picks…

  • – If you’re CGI-savvy, and have access to your cgi-bin, this is a FREE script by Amphibian used to post your weblog. Perfect if you want to get away from Blogger or don’t want to pay for GrayMatter. I recently installed this for Reis Homes, for inter-office communication. Comes with addons, achiving, permalinks… hell I like it so much that I will be switching WHUZZUP! over to EricBrooks.Com in a few weeks.
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