Don’t stick it out unless you’re gonna use it!

Poor Jenna

Jenna Bush Sticks Tongue Out at News Photographers – Now, I’m really not keen at targeting presidential kids. I found it loathsome when our pillpopping-divorcing-his-third-wife paragon of virtue, values and morality Rush Limbaugh picked up a photo of a very insecure 13 year old Chelsea Clinton and called her “The White House dog”.

God damn… some things should just be off-limits.

Now you say, “then why are you doing THIS you fucking hypocrite?”. Well, moron, why don’t you let me finish before you pass judgment, ok asshole?

First of all, I think the Bush twins are kinda hot (they’re 22, I can say that). But do you get the impression that Jenna doesn’t want to be doing this? I’ve seen several photos of her and Barbara on the campaign trail… and in each of them they look like they’d rather be doing something else instead of being dragged across the countryside by their dad to meet fat, ugly middle Americans with missing teeth, smell like mothballs and being touched by their kids whom you can only pray have most of their shots…

(I know you were expecting me to say “…like hit a bar?”. Shut up. Like I said, I said, I’m not INTO taking potshots at them.) Point is… they REALLY don’t seem thrilled. It’s like me dragging my daughters around town to shop for new golf clubs. Those poor girls must be bored silly.

It is NOT a good time to be a NeoCon. You’ll note that I see a distinction between a NeoCon and a Republican. NeoCons are the reason my voter registration card changed to “Non-Partisan” after 12 years of being a Republican.

Another interesting Presidential offspring in the news: CBS Clocks Out on Airing Reagan’s Convention Speech – What the hell is THIS with the liberal media? Why are they so afraid of the son of an American icon giving a speech to his fellow Republicans at the convention??? CENSORSHIP!!! ANTI-AMERICAN HATERS!!!! BOYCOTT CBS!!!!

Oh wait. My bad. I should have read it before linking to it. Ron Reagan will be at the DEMOCRATIC National Convention, and CBS refuses to air it. That’s different. A barely-publicized tibit this year has been the ongoing feud between the Reagan family and the Bush administration over its stance on stem-cell research (which may hold the key to curing Alzheimers) and the move to REPLACE Reagan on the dime over FDR… a man President Reagan has always admired and respected.

You wouldn’t know there was such bad blood when you consider all the time Bush spent over President Reagan’s coffin hoping the Gipper’s magic would rub off on him. (I might point out it’s the ONLY coffin Bush has gone to see in the past year or so.)

Longtime Republican Zillionaire Donald Trump ripped President Bush a new one. Like many New Yorkers, he feels betrayed over Osama bin Laden being put on the back burner for Saddam Hussein. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if ObL and/or Zarqawi was captured or killed during the DNC instead of before election day like they originally planned? That outta shut ’em all up and take the wind out of their sails!

For a guy that President Bush admits in March 2002 (less than a year after 9/11) that he “doesn’t give much thought about anymore”, it’s funny how Osama pops up when we need to boot out Vietnam Vets like Max Cleland and presumably John Kerry now, huh? Paul Krugman thinks so too. Hell, ObL has done more to further the NeoCon agenda (and vice versa for Al Qaeda recruits) than even Karl Rove, whose performance lately has been rather dissappointing. (Dammit… I LIVE for down & dirty mudslinging in elections.) The “Kerry isn’t a real war hero” strategy was taken out of the 2000 primary playbook against Senator John McCain. (I HATE RERUNS! Is Rove out of tricks?)

I’d offer my services, because I KNOW EXACTLY where the NeoCons are going wrong, but I’m afraid this is one hell of a sinking ship and it’s too late, even with my brand of genius and humor on board. It’s a time where they should be pointing out why we should be voting for their guy… but instead they’re in full-blown “cover their ass mode” by trying to re-write history, direct our attention to a dumbass who takes his work home with him, and explaining that underplaying your wife’s role in getting you a job makes blowing her cover as a CIA agent a little less treasonous and illegal. Raping and torturing Iraqi children where the Red Cross estimates 70-90% of the detainees in Abu Ghraib are there by mistake? Let’s not even GO there! Let’s ignore it, click our heels three times, and it will go away!

Blaming the CIA for faulty information instead of taking responsibility like Tony Blair did? Shucks, that “Buck stops here” stuff is only for Democrat presidents with polio.

(Actually us former Republicans know it was v.d. that crippled him. No. Really. I have proof.)

Oh, and there’s alienating Gays, Blacks, Moderates, Independants, Veterans, Educators and Amphibians in an election year… fuck ’em, right? Conservatives are even slipping out the back door… who needs ’em, those damn LIBERALS! When you are as far off to the right as these NeoCon clowns are, we’re ALL “Leftists” to them.

You got Jim Hightower getting ready to launch a new book: After a studious examination of George W. Bush and his administration, Hightower said he came to a sober, academic conclusion: “These people are nuts!”

Where have you all been? Reverend Mykeru has been saying this for months. Where’s HIS book deal?

The NeoCon/Rove strategy makes no sense to me. The problem we have here is that people are fed up with the Bush Administration and its incompetence… to the point where they will vote for a wino off the streets to take his place. It’s not about voting Kerry IN… it’s about voting Bush OUT. They don’t seem to get that. That’s why Rove’s smearfest isn’t working except to solidify a shrinking base that will vote Republican no matter what. It’s not going to sway anyone over to their side:

Kerry has a face like a basset hound… WHO CARES! He’s not Bush!
Kerry and Edwards are gay… WHO CARES! They’re not Bush and Cheney!
Kerry is not a war hero… WHO CARES! Neither is Bush!
Michael Moore is a fat pig… NO SHIT, SHERLOCK! Is it election day yet? Fahrenheit 9/11 rocked!

See how it works?

The logical move would be to point out why we SHOULD vote for Bush.
Instead they’re wasting their time attacking anyone who points out why we SHOULDN’T.

Just a dumb strategy this late in the game if you ask me.
I have a ton of great ideas… but I don’t come cheap.

(As always, “Political Cannon Fodder” has no comments. Not because I’m afraid of what you have to say… but rather, I don’t GIVE A FUCK what you have to say. This is my opinion, and you have your own site and/or a million message boards to voice yours.)

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