East Siiiiiiiide!

That’s right kiddies, a few conspirators are planning a little get together here…

Of course it’s not restricted to The East Side… EVERYBODY’S INVITED.

EAST SIIIIIIIIIDEThe previous thread has spun out of control.
Let’s plan it out here….


15 thoughts on “East Siiiiiiiide!

  1. Oh… there will be snow here until June.
    You know, you guys can come up sooner and scope the place…

    I like Faith ideas. We’re not planning major activities. Carole is getting a reception room here in the resort… everyone chips in, we have a nice introductory banquet. Faith is looking at group rates at hotels…

    This way, it’s dead center to NYC, DC, Boston… driving distance for most people. Come up for a day, stay all weekend… all up to you guys.

  2. Chop, I read that last thread. No haunting (I’ve heard enough about Blackberry Brandy to last a lifetime) and no fucking heart shaped beds. Last time I did that it was very…unsatisfying.

  3. Yvonne, the meeeester and I have already made tentative plans for Philly in April (when it’s warmer and less risk of an icy trip up there .. I moved from Philly during a snowstorm in mid-March in ’96). Any shot of pushing that back a month or so? We can make it then!

  4. Um, Faith? Maybe you should take a Snickers bar with you next time 😉

    And remember – the blackberry brandy incident was BEFORE I corrupted you and led you down the road of perpetual doom.

    So can we go snow tubing then? 🙂 That’s FUN!!

  5. We snowtube all the time.

    After a long, private three way with Faith & Robyn…

    April isn’t going to be possible.
    The latest we can do this (due to bookings) is March 14th – 16th. There will be snow at the resorts, and the roads should be fine.

    Last year at that time the average temperature was 54 and no snowstorms.

  6. 54? That’s t-shirt and shorts weather. There is a chance I could, but hell! I don’t know where I’m going to even be by then. I am wracked by guilt for failing to show for Blogcon and I am not sure that I could handle missing this when it is even closer. I’ll either be in Il or Fl.

    If I’m in Illinois, I might have trouble trusting my car and If I’m in Florida, I might not have a car.

  7. Hey Eric, thanks for the invite! For the record, I’d be coming UP, not going down, errr I mean, coming down. Yeah.

    But with no heart shaped beds in the picture, I just don’t know. I mean, what is the Pocono’s without that?!? Then again, I think I want to meet Faith to see if she is really as big and bad IRL as she is in cyberland! 😉

  8. Damn, damn, damn!!! Doesn’t anyone ever want to come to Florida?? We HAVE Disney, and Universal Studios, and Sea World, and Discovery Cove!!! It’s WARM here in March you know!!! ARGH!!!!!

    I SO wish I could come E!!! Money problems, and job stuff prohibits though…. waaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  9. I understand Maria… if this were anywhere else, *I* wouldn’t be able to make it.

    Faith got some great deals for the rooms… details to follow.

    I want this to focus more on more than just Bloggers. A lot of people will be driving in, so I’m gearing it more toward families… I don’t want the husband/wife/children of said blogger to feel like they’re out of it.

    Oh yes, there will be plenty of singles too.

    We’ll come up with ideas and arrangements for people to record what’s going on…

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