Fantasia or Diana?

I think I’m gonna break ranks for once and talk about something everyone else is talking about… American Idol.

I gotta admit, after hearing some of the most awesome performers this year, I got hooked. Normally I loathe these “Star Search”-like shows.

First of all, let me address the “America is racist” horseshit that Elton John was kicking around a few weeks ago (dude, shut the fuck up. You’re a bigger asshole than I even expected.)

Explain a few weeks later when America voted for a Hawaiian chick simply because Simon ripped her a new asshole and made her cry? Yeah the “White guilt” thing worked for only one week where Jon Peter Lewis was voted off and I had to deal with four girls crying their eyes out all night in this house…

Thanks a lot, dickheads.

I see where where Simon, Randy and Elton are coming from… they’re music biz people. Their taste is just a little different FROM the average John Q. Public. They see raw talent, while the American public looks for a larger, yet more shallow, package.

The key word being “Idol” here.
Record execs like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson usually miss the point.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Fantasia. She is Aretha Franklin, Stephanie Mills, and Diana Ross rolled INTO one. One flawless performance after another. She is simply fucking awesome. She’s got the look, stage presence, and is definitely the best performer that SHOW will probably ever have.

But I don’t think she’s gonna win tomorrow night.
Even with Diana dropping the ball with that last song.

Diana DeGarmo is cute as a button, she has fun on stage, and with those pipes of hers… she can only get better over the years.

She connects with the audience.
To me, that’s star power.
She will grab the much-coveted “teeny bopper” market and make some record label a zillion dollars.

Sure she’s gonna need liposuction, and a lot of cosmetic surgery to make sure she doesn’t turn INTO her mother by the time she’s 25… but still, she’s a diamond in the rough and the underdog.

America eats that stuff up with a spoon.

I could be wrong. I usually am. It’s a question now of “What does the public want”, not “who is the most talented professionally” (then I agree it would be Fantasia hands down)…. and yes Simon, it IS a “popularity contest”. Why else would you have millions of Americans tie up their phone lines all friggin night?

I am certain of one thing…

I wanna see Paula Abdul nekkid.
Is that too much to ask for?

Who do you think is gonna win?

5 thoughts on “Fantasia or Diana?

  1. I didn’t care who one (I don’t have cable anymore), but I agree with one thing:

    I’d love to see Paula Abdul nekkid too! 😉

  2. Well, I know I’m coming in a bit late, but I knew Fantasia was going to win. I have known it since before April 26th, when Natty made me sit down and watch that show. Diana is cute and she can sing, but Fantasia is on another level…
    Diana looks good too. If she was a little older, its her I’d want to see nekkid!

  3. I’m even later than Mad Bull……catching up after being away.

    I watched this American Idol thing for the first time after being coerced by cousin while I was away, she was a Fantasia fan herself. I have to agree that Fantasia was very good. Diana was good too for 16. Sounded like an dault when singing, but very much like her age when she spoke.

    Can’t say that Paula Abdul got my plugs sparking….but hey, whatever does it for you dude!


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