Father’s Day Tributes

  • Bobthecorgi – Kicks it off with the tale of her husband mere moments before becoming a father.
    (Yes, Bob is a woman… unless you know a lot of guys with flammable purses!)
    High speed car chases, police escorts, and how to get through the Holland Tunnel without paying a toll! A must read…
  • Aspirations to Sweetness – Jann’s tribute to her dad is guaranteed not to leave a dry eye in the house. She felt she let him down by not following his footsteps as an artist… but the pride in this man’s eyes, as he beams over his little girl in every picture tells me otherwise. :0)
  • Caustic Sense – Daddy Ray recalls the final moments of his (and BWG’s) dad.
  • Dear “Dad” – In case you missed this oldie, this is my contribution from last year. I wrote it on what would have been my mom’s 75th birthday. For those of you who grew up without a dad (or wished they had), this one’s for you.

But please… let’s not forget what’s important, and lose the true focus of this site… which is ME!

The Adorable Brooks Kidz spoiled me rotten cards they made from School. Erika’s was a huge card in the shape of a shirt with several ties… each tie was a “redeemable coupon” (“Good for one hug & Kiss”, “Good for One Story to be Read”, etc). Ashley made a “Daddy Card”, which was a paper doll with a shirt that flipped up like a card. Ashley & Erika then helped Sammi & Johnny make “Daddy Cards”.

One of the great amenities in our community is not only a swimming pool, but we also have stables*. We took the kids down for a while because they love the horses. Carole & Christina took horses out on the trail, I watched Johnny & Sammi take turns riding the pony**, while Ashley and Erika took the bigger horses around the ring. While getting off, Ashley whispered something to the trainer… Suddenly the trainer hands me a helmet:

“Alright, Daddy… your kids want you to show them what you got!”.

Me. Born and raised in Brooklyn… on a horse. Picture that.
It’s not like you see these things walking up and down Myrtle Avenue, y’know.

So I rode my very first horse today.

For those of you who know the joys, blessings and responsibility of fatherhood… I wish you all a happy father’s day!

*No animals were harmed in the making of this father’s day, nor were they allowed in the pool.

**Yes, I really did ask for the little pony rather than a big-ass horse!

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