Font site update…

At the request of Fontographer Michael Bujardet, the following fonts have been updated in the Font Section:

Bujardet Freres, Candy Cane Match and Dactylographe.

He’s a talented guy, and a class act. He found the information in the zip files either wrong or missing, and asked me to fix it… rather than remove it, and be nasty about it. He maintains a large site himself and understands that sometimes your sources (I get most of my fonts from FTP sites and CD’s) are less than reliable. Stuff like this happens. I truly appreciated his willingness to continue working with me. He even thanked *me* for *my* support!

Well, hey… the font section is the most popular section on this site. I couldn’t have done it without the contributions of talented folks like him. So I thank Mr. Bujardet, Ray Larabie, and all the other talented folks that make my font section possible. It’s a lot of hard work making fonts, and I try to support these guys whenever possible.


I have to deal with the occasional “Shareware Weenie“, who thinks I’m indebted to them, and they have the right to address me like I’m a lower form of being. Like this letter I got the next day from some *other* fontographer not worth mentioning:

Hi –
I’m the author of [name of crappy font] and [name of crappy font], which are available on your server. The read-me with those files is inaccurate, and the Windows version is unauthorized. Please remove the fonts and associated files from your server. Thanks very much.

You may wish to link to my type page, where users can pay for my fonts via PayPal:

Uhm… let me think about it. No!

WTF? This guy practically accuses me of pirating his fonts (one of which I cant even find on my site), talks down to me in an insulting manner, and expects me to be nice and link him???? I don’t think so. I removed his fonts, and that’s that.

I don’t have I problem with these guys wanting to get paid for their hard work (hell, they deserve it!)… But damn, respect goes both ways, Chuckles.

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