Font Site Update

Sorry guys… still haven’t finished the changeover to the new location (actually, the fonts have moved, now it’s a matter of changing all the links.). Couple that with work, two major design projects, personal crap (which pretty much no one cares, so I won’t even bother)… and well, I HAVE TO FUCKING SLEEP SOME TIME!

Another day or two, I promise.

My POP3 E-Mail will have to wait, The Cardshop works fine… Halloween cards coming soon.

For those leaving nasty Complaints… ummmm, remind me again how much you’re paying me for these fonts?

Do you want my blood or not???

The Pocono Record had it’s annual blood drive yesterday. Some lucky person out there will be the proud recipient of a pint of my Type “O” Universal…

I have been trying since the attack. One place turned a pack of us away, and another ran out of bags.

I can deal with just about anything… just don’t prick me in the finger. I hate that. It’s the worst part.

Yeah, I know it’s not going to the World Trade Center victims. Hospitals all over the country need blood on a regular basis, and if this is what Americans needed to get off their ass, then that’s cool.

For some odd reason, throughout the whole process, my mind drifted off, and I starting thinking about a little girl in Minneapolis who is about to be in a car accident…

After a coke and a pack of cookies, I was back on my way for more work. But you know, knowing you just helped save someone’s life out there; that’s a great feeling. Giving blood is cool.

But they really got to do something about that finger-pricking stuff.

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