[#Marketing #Strategy] Franchised eSports Bars

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From TrendHunter.com – Marketing StrategyFranchised eSports Bars – The New Meltdown City Clash Tournament (TrendHunter.com):

Franchised eSports Bars - The New Meltdown City Clash Tournament (TrendHunter.com) (TrendHunter.com) Meltdown eSports Bars are a European franchise that recently moved to North America, and the franchise organized a Meltdown City Clash tournament that recently took place at its Montreal location. Meltdown Montreal offers a distinct service when compared to other bars and establishments that offer traditional arcade games and board games, although it does feature retro console gaming. The bar also hosts video gaming events and has done so since it opened last year, with its most recent one being the Meltdown City Clash tournament in which the winner received a €1,200 prize. ..

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