FreeThinkers. Is that like ‘Freezer Burn’ or ‘Jumbo Shrimp’?

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6 thoughts on “FreeThinkers. Is that like ‘Freezer Burn’ or ‘Jumbo Shrimp’?

  1. In my experince with others who view religion and matters of God differently from me…I try my best not to get involve as am a believer but than gain I do hear what you are saying on some aspects and points of religion…

    About the free will thing…dunno if this will mean anything but I believe the reason why God given us free will is cause to test us. You see and if you remember he threw Satan out of heaven and is kinda like a bet between those two as we (mortals) are caught in between a war between god and satan. Satan wants our precious souls…well atleast as much as he can get his claws on…God has given us free will so that we can choose for our own selves…make our own descion to do what is right…to know right from wrong. Wrong being evil. I dunno if this makes any sense at all. For god to just come in and dictate our lives would be the ULTIMATE NO NO NO…something that would drives us to evil (aka Satan) side…as Satan wants us to think God is no fun and there is more fun on his side…being bad.

    Alot of us (fuck, the majority of the world) is probaly non believers and are eiether athiests or as you hate most free thinkers…they eiether don’t believe in god or the devil and what is actually goin on behind the scenes or they are skeptical bout the whole concept of war between heaven and hell…skeptical bout God and the Devil. And part of the reason is cause lack of information about what is really goin on…I will say alot of religious folks go bout informing non believers the wrong way (I know cuz one of them tried that mess with me)…they force their own religion on you and talk really negatively (i.e. “You will burn in hell for not believing”)…they do not tell you the complete truth…they only want you to convert to their religion and that is all they care bout…if you think bout it…they are as bad as those free thinkers..EXTREMEISTS (sp?)…So, I always say and believe God does things for a certain reason…things happen for a good reason…in the end it will all balance out and we will know who is true and who isn’t. I always say Free Will is God’s way of leavin things in our hands and only those who are TRUE BELIEVERS will recieve and see the truth in God and his words…those who are non believers but wish to see him won’t…cause they truly do not believe…you must be a true believer to see and understand the way God works.

    And in truth, God is not suppose to step in everytime something goes wrong…all this suffering that is goin on in the world…wars…badness…is all part of a prophecy…and anyone who knows the bible and is a true believer these things are happenin for a good reason…it may not look good but I believe in order for all this to change…we must go thru hell to see the real truth and change things…it is not up to God to make these changes…it is up to us…cause when you think bout it…who is the one who started all this mess and chaos? Us! Humans! Not God! Not even the Devil! Sure the Devil had a hand in this mess…temptation and evil ideas and those who are weak and more prone towards evil were the weaker ones who fell into the palms of his hands to let him control their lives and cause hell on earth.

    But those are just my personal opinions…I am not an extremist believer and I don’t force religion on others nor am I an athiest cuz I had some experinces in my life that made me a true believer but at the same time am a Skeptic when it comes to some stuff of the spiritual and paranormal realm.

    Anyways, take care!

  2. Well, you get extremists from every religion and creed, as I can vouch for from personal experience. Atheists being no exception. Sometimes the internet vitriol can be worse from them! But whatever someone believes, it’s not for me to tell them they are wrong (which is what really irks me about all extremists)… I mean, really, you won’t know for sure what’s “out there” until you’re dead, and when you die, you ain’t comin’ back to explain it all!

    Anyway, thanks for the links, e. Hopefully they’ll help me with my Judas obsession. I still think, from all the reading I’ve done, that he was doing what he thought was right at the time because he was scared of where “the movement” was going…

    but I digress…:)

  3. You forgot the main requirement for a “Freethinker”…they must argue. They must anti-proselytize and un-convert people. They probably hand out leaflets in San Francisco or some other favorable venue to spread the anti-gospel. “Hello, my friend…have you been un-saved?”

    I say throw them AND the ones with backpacks full of Chick Tracts into a boxing ring and show it on pay-per-view.

  4. *ahem*

    I am a SEMI-militant atheist, thank you very much.

    Smug? Can be. Annoying? Depends on the person being asked. Self-righteous? As often as possible.

    Anyway, the difference between “biblical discrepancies” and “Piltdown man” is that the scientific method doesn’t claim to be the Word of God.

    Anyway, c’mon Eric, everyone knows that God doesn’t exist. 🙂

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