Fun with Referrer Logs Part II

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Yeah, yeah yeah… you’re probably as excited about my referral logs as I get while watching paint dry… or better yet hearing about *your* stupid logs. But I’ll share anyway…

    • Tucows Interactive(Magic 8-ball Screensaver)
    • Centre for the Easily Amused
      (For Magic 8Ball & Daily Carlinisms)
    • Webbie World
      (’cause, dammit… people love me for some reason!)
  • Top Site Referrers:

    • Magic 8Ball
    • EG2 Fonts
    • Free Stuff!
  • Top Attractions:

    • FAQ
    • Best Of
    • WHUZZUP!
  • Least Visited:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer – A gazillion, maybe more.
    • Netscape Navigator – two, I think.
  • Browsers:

    • Ctrl-Alt-Ego (No… really.)
    • The Webmistress
    • Zeldman
      (He must have just added me recently…)
  • Top Weblog Referrers:

But what will I be best known for? “Scooby Doo Porn”… what else?

Not for having The Grinch in my Thanksgiving Card Shop since last year… am I ahead of my time, or what?

I sent you a Thanksgiving card, by the way…. have a good one!

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