Fun with the liberal media vol1

Anyone in the Pennsylvania area that has Blue Ridge Cable saw something interesting on the news tonight.

Are you gonna believe the media, or are you gonna believe me?

My friends work maintenance at Mountain Laurel Center for the Performing Arts.  A lot has changed since the glorious summer opening featuring Tom Ridge and the Philharmonic. I’m not too terribly comfortable talking about it, I’ve discussed it in my newsletter over the summer…

… but well, let’s just say “The Fat Lady is about to sing” over there, ok?

So Blue Ridge’s news crew was there (and denied access), my friends are moving computers, spot the cameras and their high-powered microphones, and One says out loud: “Do you want to bring these computers were stealing to your house or mine?”

Of course it’s been aired in its entirety. Sound and all. (*SNORT*)
Our phones have been ringing off the hook all day.
No charges have been filed on the two burglars yet. :0)

It’s all pretty sad, but I’m not ready to declare Mt. Laurel officially dead just yet.
Millions in grants and taxpayer dollars have been poured INTO it, and obviously it was run by incompetent morons.

Rather than pull for local support, they gambled on the New York, New Jersey, Philly crowd to pay New York prices to go to a place in the middle of nowhere.

Ask Lambchop what it was like trying to find my house last Spring. Mt. Laurel is the complex just before that, down the road. Tell me, ANYONE unfamiliar with the area will ever find the place? Duh.

Bill Watson offers a hilarious overview of “Mt. Laurel Center for Old Farts” in the latest EPCN. It offers a lot of of helpful ideas for Season two… and I hope SOMEONE is listening.

…I’m talking about those who aren’t going to jail, of course.

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