FundaMENTAList brainwashing

Freedom at Last for Pakistanis Who Aided Taliban

“The mullahs in my area said that as Muslims we should go to Afghanistan to fight a jihad,” 22-year-old Amir Khan, FROM Peshawar, told Reuters.

“I can not deny this was my intention. I arrived in Afghanistan in October. I spent three days in Kabul and then went to Mazar-i-Sharif. I was captured the day after I arrived there.”

Like many of his comrades, Khan said he had received no military training and insisted he was a religious student who had been “misled” by the mullahs.

Ahh, my dear “misled” Muslim brother:
I feel your pain. I really do. You and I have both been brainwashed and played as a sucker by the leaders of our respective religions at some point or another. Can you name one atrocity in human history that didn’t have religious overtones tied in it somewhere?

While I admit the Christian fundamentalists (and I can’t stress the “MENTAL” part of that word enough.), are as insane and dangerous* as their Islamic counterparts…

…I am pretty sure I wouldn’t grab a gun, run to another country, and become an ENEMY COMBATANT on some evangelist’s “say-so”.

That makes you a dumbass. And I think you realize it now.

Yes, I am well aware that the Arab world thinks that 9/11 was nothing more than a Mosaad/CIA conspiracy… but I ask you, if that were so, wouldn’t it have made more sense for the Bush Administration to frame Iraqi agents instead? The current war in Iraq would be going much better and have a LOT more global support. Sorry, tons of international intelligence and surveillance photos point to Al-Qaeda as the culprit, and fanatical Islamic terrorists FROM Saudia Arabia, Egypt and Syria were involved in attacking and killing innocent civilians on U.S. soil. A fate they didn’t deserve.

That’s the way it is, effendi. You and I may be loaded up to our gills with propaganda and bullshit FROM our respective governments, but that one is as clear as day. I don’t dictate American foreign policy (let alone understand or agree with it 100%, that’s a complicated issue completely separate FROM this one.), all I know is terrorism is the sure-fire, fastest way to lose sympathy with me on a cause or injustice. A good example would be the Chechen rebels… tell me how much sympathy do they deserve after their latest stunt in Beslan?

When the day comes when we stop listening to our religious leaders, their silly, unfounded fears, and their outdated scriptures… and acknowledge that we are ALL brothers and sisters who are basically good, and decent, and seek the same things for ourselves and our children… we’ll never know peace, and this cycle of violence and death will continue until one side successfully exterminates the other.

Quite frankly, all issues aside, when it comes down to “us vs. them”, I have no choice but to put my money down on “us”. It’s a “self-preservation” sorta thing. No one deserves to die because of the follies our government makes. Not in Beslan, not in the West Bank, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, and ESPECIALLY not here in America.

Thus ends today’s lesson, Amir. I hope you enjoyed your stay at Shiberghan for your stupidity and hope there is a lesson to be learned about getting involved in something that has nothing to do with you.

Let it not be said that Americans aren’t a compassionate, caring people. For your STILL offering excuses, and believing you didn’t find yourself in a situation of your own making, I offer you the following parting gifts:

Cry me a river and call someone who cares

We may be ignorant at times, fighting a war in Iraq based on false pretenses, taking a “they can do no wrong” stance with Israel, and probably a whole lot of other injustices that we are not aware of… however, the American people are not your enemy. Just as Islam is not our enemy. We’d rather be your best friend instead of your worst nightmare, believe me. When you think of how many other world leaders would have taken to your stance against them, I’d say you got off easy with a mere three years in prison.

* Need I remind Americans of a “700 Club” episode where Jerry Falwell blamed gays and pagans for 9/11 and Pat Roberston agreed, only to later apologize in ORDER to get their bigoted asses and ratings out of the crapper? The Christian fundaMENTALists are just as dangerous and insane as the Muslim ones. And before you bring up “terrorism” remember the Anthrax killer, Timothy McVeigh, The Branch Davidians, Rev. Jim Jones, Fred Phelps, the Ku Klux Klan, and why you don’t walk on the same side of the street as an abortion clinic, ok? The size and scale may be different, but the hate and the intentions are just the same.

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