Get yer buttons here

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A few buttons I whipped up today for E.C.B.
More are coming. Submissions are DEFINITELY welcome.

Hey, if you can’t make it… that’s cool. But can you put a button on your site to spread the word and SHOW support? Thanx!!!!

(Right click, save upload to your own server and link to Don’t make me hunt you down, ok?)

Now, with everyone’s permission… I’d like to pop the Powerpuff Girls Movie in the VCR and go to sleep at a decent hour.

What, you got a problem with the Powerpuff Girls too?????

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  • Maria

    Consider it done dude. Color me envious!!

  • Nico

    The Powerpuff Girls rock!

  • Red Eagle

    will put mine up tonight

  • Lambchop

    Done! What’s even more amazing is that I figured out how to actually do it, with a working link! I think I’m actually getting better at this webpage stuff. Now,. if I could just figure out what the hell happened to my archives….

  • liz

    done. damn, I wish I could go…:(

  • `WildRose

    The button is up, along with my envy of everyone that will be there, since I can’t be…but I shall pimp the meeting on my page, since E has been so generous with his *ahem* “donations”…. *MWAH!*

  • Sara

    Done, and like others I”m envious too but maybe next time. Looks like hubby and I might just have a chance of getting out of Iowa by the end of the year if we keep it tight 🙂

  • Chloe

    Where do I put this button? Is it a top button or a bottom button?

  • toxiclabrat

    Hi -e-,
    I emailed you about my Pocono button not “moving” ..I used an email address that I had..Hope its “okay”……

  • toxiclabrat

    Well, in a very roundabout way, I got the button to link and blink!!!!