Ghost Story Contest

Frank SS wants to hear your ghost stories in his contest.

Frank SS’ Blog Challenge – Frank SS’s MySpace Blog
“I’ve never done this before but I’m making a challenge to many of the talented writers amongst my friends. I want Ghost Stories. By the end of August. You have your challenge. Go write. CC, this especially means you.”

?… after that, check out MY ghost story. OOoooOOOOooooooo….

The Creepy Dead Girl and the Evil Entity – Eric Brooks’s MySpace Blog | WHUZZUP! (The MySpace Edition)
“I’ve seen ghosts… a LOT of them. I hate the Fall in particular. It’s believed by many that the veil between our worlds are at their thinnest and it’s easier to see them. Then my back yard looks like I’m hosting a Civil War and Indian party at night, and I feel I have NO privacy in the bathroom!”

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